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This guy is pretty inspirational. Watch the video even if you don't care about this paragraph... Spiders are still undefeated and number 1 in the country. Already knocked off Duke who later gave VA Tech a solid game for 3/4s. Realize this ain't quite LSU football, but the Spiders handled Appy State last year who had many of the same players that knocked off Michigan in the big house. The line between the best FCS programs and the lower top 25 to 50 FBS teams isn't as distinct as many would have you believe. At one point Richmond's football conference was 2 or 3 and 1 vs. the ACC. The lone loss a heartbreaker at Maryland for JMU who had them on the ropes. Well, I guess you could argue the ACC isn't big time football. Lol. One thing I know for sure is next year when the ACC plays the CAA I'll think twice before betting on the bigger school.

Been busy with the little one. He's growing like a weed. I can't believe he's so tall so quickly. He's stretching his three to six month clothes and he's only 7 weeks old. He's developing a bit of a personality and has a devious little smile that I know will get him in and out of trouble, hopefully out of trouble more than the in to trouble.

Here's an older picture when he was not happy to be in the car seat.

Yes that's really his hand, and it's not doctored. Big feet, big hands, big head, and growing like a weed. My plans to have him grow up to be our next World Cup Star (or should I say first... rather than next) may have to be altered to him playing some hoops.

I should probably post a cute picture of the kid as he's in the middle of screaming there... nah, maybe next time. The bugger is cute, but this blog really isn't about cute. Though I will say I have nominated him as the Sexiest Man Alive because of his potential and as an incentive to become that Man. I think he's a shoe-in for the award. So much better to reward for promise rather than results. On the same note, I'm hoping Harrahs will be shipping my bracelet any day now, I know I'll win one one day, they know I'll win one one day, so why not save us the trouble and just ship it to me, save me the hassle of actually having to win it.

O.k. back to poker...

Recently I got some emails from Brandon Jarrett, sounds like he had an incredible saturday online. He's also part of a new company where he is a sponsored pro. We hope to get something up on the front page about that site soon.

Also, I've been slacking on getting the newest Who's Who entrants up. We got a slew of them to update, so please be patient, I'll try and carve out some time this week. Been busy with the other project GeneD and I got in the works and the newborn. As for the other project here's a vague, at best, hint... instead of writing eclectic at the top, I almost wrote eclectica. Do a google search and put your thinking cap on, if you don't already know the worst kept secret in our site's history, you might be able to figure it out or just wait a couple of days.


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