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Fourth... Again

Been a bit of a whirlwind week up here in Chester, PA.  I went to high school in Delaware and my brother lives there now with his wife and two daughters.  So, I've been crashing in Wilmington, with them being very gracious about my tournament poker hours of arriving at 2:30 a.m and leaving at 11:30.  It's great to see my nieces they are so sweet.  One of them scored in the first half of a soccer game I watched Saturday morning.

Let's get to the WSOP-C.  Hmmm... Chester is... let's see... how to put it delicately... the murder suburb of Philadelphia?  Yeah, got lost a couple of times and got that feeling that maybe I should run every red light and never stop.  Dave Capelle did a bit about a little crack baby on the corner in Chicago.  Yeah, I saw the same baby at 2 am just standing there in a diaper and nothing else.  Okay, I didn't... I think even fearing for my life in say downtown Baghdad during "shock and awe" I'd stop for a random baby standing on…

Bits and Bites Update

-Good luck to Amarillo Slim.  Caveat:  If the man isn't a pedophile as he was charged with late in his life.

-Looks like I may go to all or part of Chester.  Don't know if I will be backed or not but there are only 1000 players within 7 points of me on the WSOP-C top 66 list.  We'll see what happens.  If anybody is interested in $200 shares let me know.  I may be selling another package... if my backer doesn't come through.  I may just play all on my own.  I don't know yet.  So, I'm not collecting or officially selling just yet but email me your interest.

-Just did a non-strategy poker blog post that I will link to once it is up.  Fairly good I think.

-Min Cashed the Donkley on Wednesday.  I got in with AA vs. 1010 and somebody inevitably said they folded a ten.  The last one showed up on the turn.  Can't complain.  Earlier in the day I was short and shipped it when Kenny Milam limped under the gun and the rest of the table limped after him.  He shoved ov…

Black Friday in retrospect on a Sunday that should be spent playing online poker......

What's up?  Been sometime since I've blogged, I've done plenty of poker and plenty of writing so there's no real excuse.

Anybody interested in my strategy blogging can go places like here

It seems I may have another writing gig doing a blog post about once a week on poker issues.  I'm sure there will be some overlap with GCP's frontpage and this blog and I will likely cross link to it a lot.  So that's good.  Nice to be able to write about poker one year out of Black Friday.

The landscape I think one year later has changed remarkably.

Poker on TV is down to just a few options, most reruns.  Most fresh content comes from YouTubes of other places that still have customers for online sites to advertise to.  Enjoy this gem which reinforces the value of always looking one last time at your hand.

Domestically, we have WPT and WSOP.  I think The level of play at the final tables of t…

Link Dump and Miscellaneous Thoughts

I have a lot of thoughts festering in my head, I haven't blogged for a while and these independent thoughts kind of clog my neural arteries, desperate to be fleshed out.  In some ways, when I have the intention to blog but not the time, it's like some sort of parasite pulling away attention from my daily life to a little realm or corner of my mind that will be devoted to writing, cluttering it up like a drawer where you throw in all the stuff you'll get to but never have time to sort.  Sometimes my best posts start in this fashion, festering away, until I finally sit down and pull them together in semi-coherent clarity that lets me get them out.  Unfortunately, I fear this won't be one of those posts.  Rather this will be a disjointed rag-tag collection of short thoughts.

I've been absent from my writing duties and derelict as a co-owner/contributor to GCP because I've had the good fortune to log long hours in poker, as well as getting a large writing assignme…