Response to Comment on Rush Poker Part V: Coaches, Poker Immersion, GCP Forum and more

Obviously, these last few posts aren’t just in response to the questions posed by the anonymous reader, more the comment just got me running on several longwinded trains of thoughts. Though certainly a couple of these posts are directly related to it and who might best help my chances I play online poker. Picking a coach is also difficult because there are some styles of play we probably can’t just adopt from the get go. Just like Sit and go poker tournaments strategy does not necessarily translate to multi-table tournament strategy.

Monkey recently blogged about watching Tyler Smith borderline maniacally challenge a table with aggression. It wins him tournaments and it has him flame out of televised final tables, but when it’s working it’s inspiring and oh so, tempting to duplicate. Just raise, raise, raise. Some of my best results have come when I’ve been able to channel that mentality (so, too some of my worst) but that's usually only at a table I'd define as soft. With Tyler, I think he thinks of every table as soft. However, we can’t just watch Tyler Smith and be able to do what he does, or else we’d all be Tyler Smith. He has a gift to know when to apply pressure and when to not overextend himself. I digress, as always…

Of course there are also the sites like Cardrunners that people seem to swear by. However, I’m not sure of your budget constraints and where Jarrett, Little or Cardrunners fit into that. I know I get a lot of free learning from forums that when I have the time, offer a lot of new perspectives that I can apply, though I’m sure you’ve already exploited them if you take the time to read poker blogs you probably check out messageboards (when GCP will get ours up is anybody’s guess—moderators welcome…).

In terms of coaching sites with lesser rates and where I think a good place to check out solid online players that have an established history of winning that might be able to quickly pinpoint holes in your game I’d recommend Poker Immersion. Full disclosure they pimp my services as a live coach and I am friends with two of the owners and principals involved. However, they are a site I would consider trying out in terms of bettering my online poker skills especially to try and find leaks in my play.

When I have called Brian Lusk or Steve Lawrence to discuss poker hands in the past, I have gotten far more interesting and thought provoking, game expanding answers than I have with many other players. I've really improved just from casually talking poker with them, and I could only imagine how much I could better my online success under their wings as coaches.

They know their games. But again, I consider most of the people I mention in these past few posts as friends of mine (and many are GCP bloggers) so I am certainly biased. To that end, I think many of the other bloggers on our site have a lot to offer too.

Reid G and Southpaw Rounder, the Honest Player just about everybody on the site are players I lean on for their math perspectives, or their different skillsets, when thinking about my hands or gameplay. I know Reid has often been willing to discuss hands and maybe he’d be able to go over your hand histories, maybe for a nominal fee, and help you out if he could. I certainly can put you into contact with any of them.

Anyway, I get a lot out of deconstructing hands or chatting about strategies so you are welcome to comment here and I’ll bounce things off you too. Hopefully, when we get our forum up there will be plenty of that too. Again, moderators welcome...


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