Gulf Coast Poker Championship and Lessons Learned

Just wanted to let everybody know we got some server issues again. Sorry about that. Lots of Gulf Coast Poker Championships Results ready to be dropped on the site. Great news is Kai Landry and Monkey have made the final table and really shown they know how to play Texas Hold'em poker. Jonathan Little also made a decent run into day two until the cards caught him in a VERY cold half hour where he went from three times average to out. Ouch.

Last night I played some online poker and upped my aggression level. Played four Sit'n go tournaments
and won two, came in fourth in another, and third in the other. Not bad. I was really pushing the chips in when I felt I had the edge. I won most but not all of my coinflips. The third place and fourth place I also had sizable chip leads and watched them erode as my two good Ethiopian friends Runner, Runner visited multiple times. Was kind of sick. As I was playing all four at once, I expected the wheels to come off on the other two sit 'n goes.

I'm trying to practice more aggression and tweaking my game by being loser and almost overvaluing hands I formerly looked at as marginal. I went fairly deep in the tournaments I played at the Beau but in all but one of them I found myself nursing a short stack even if I started with a big one. With the quickness of their levels and the jumps in the forced bets I'm not as upset to be short-stacked there, but you can't wait too long to gamble.

As the blinds and antes escalate there is always the hope and the legitimate chance you can't start amassing chips and get on the other side of things. There is so much in the pot and if you have cultivated a steady tight image, I find the relative ease with which I can steal. In two tournaments right as I felt comfortable putting my foot on the gas and wielding my stack against opponents I could hurt I saw the floor men hovering to balance the tables.

Yes, I had paid enough attention to the way the tables were being broken to influence when I was going to hit the gas, but as both times I was to be big blind I was the unlucky guy that had to move. So much for carefully laid plans. Instead of the 8 or 9 other players who had seen me as tight as a submarine hatch fearing my shoves I get 7 or 8 fresh players who don't know me from Tom Dwan.

Yeah. Queens were also the hand that seem drawn to me this trip. I got AA once and won the two blinds when I limped from the button to induce action. SB called and BB checked. I led out on a textured flop and scooped two big blinds. I got KK in the big blind and it was folded to me when I was in need of a double up. Yes, the only walk I got all week in the BB.

QQ kept showing in my hand maybe six times? I think I won all but one of them. I flopped a set a couple of times with them. One time there was an Ace. That was a tough hand. I think I was in the Big blind. Aggressive older dude with black shoe polish for hair dye (at least it looked that way) raised from the hijack seat as he liked to do.

To be continued...


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