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Recently my blog started getting spammed hard and I had to set up comment moderation. I think I can fulfill the maximum quota of links in a day, on my own right? I don’t think they get too much in the way of the people that read this blog though. I mean who cares if I mention I like to play at an online casino or two. Or if I mention my favorite bwin casino blog that I occasionally check out.

Unfortunately, every week or so I get about 20 comments which are just veiled attempts to spread links (spam) and I’ve since been neglectful in sifting through them to find the real ones. These guys are slightly sophisticated, starting off with an endearing compliment vaguely about the content of the post (flattery doesn’t get you everywhere) but then falling into some tripe about whatever product they are hawking sometimes completely unrelated. So my apologies to the anonymous author of this comment below for not responding in a timely fashion or getting back to her/him soon enough. The mistake I made is the first sentence is just like the first sentence of all the spam… “Great blog about XXX:) so I almost just deleted (the my comments just list the first line of each). The irony is I will be far more likely to publish a comment quickly if it starts out with an insult. Glad I read this one today, turns out it was authentic. Here it is…

“Great blog about RUSH. I too play at FT and tried out rush for the first time Saturday night. Very odd at first, $10 BI and about 1300+ people.... I thought oh hell what have I got myself into, this is gonna run for 8-10 hours to the final table (if I were to get lucky [which I am *not* normally a positive ROI player :-])
But I was so so wrong, 6-8 beers later I glare over at the field size and it was down to about 200 or so... and I turned it on. I finished 6th for $600. I, too- like you- think there are some cool exploitable things there with RUSH which actually makes it easier! I must admitt I think there are a lot to be said about the quick fold and getting more hands... I used that to my advantage by NOT using quick fold... stalled quiet abit and when I did hit- I raked in big pots.

I think I left out that the tourney only lasted 4.5 hours, which was blazin speeds compared to non-rush. Excited to play again- I looked over the Rush tourneys and noticed they only play them like every three hours or so- ugh!
Well- I've babbled too much.

Great blog, I've been reading yours for a long time and never commented before!
Hey; While I've got your attention- do you have any suggestions for a poker coach? I'd love to see you blog about that, maybe drop some names ... etc. It's not like I have a ton of cash to invest into one, but it just occured to me that Ive played 5-7 years, only tourney's and my ROI seriously is break even. Im missing something huge with my game, I just need someone to look at my hand historys etc and say "OH- there it is right there, you suck at xyz..."

I've played live and online, fair well with most- I just need an edge. Thanks!
Oh yea, please dont name drop Brandon Jarrett for a coach... cause I'd like someone to talk about ME if Im paying them lol... and he'd just wanna talk about HIM lol!


I’ll respond in my next blog post about poker coaches.


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