Playing for many today...

Below is the text of an email I just sent out. I will be playing today's event at the Beau basically for my friends amusement (and hopefully profit).

Hello, hello,

Not quite sold out for today's session of "fantasy" poker, we have a couple of spots left. If you want 5% of my action today text me (before 1 pm EST) that you are shipping me $25 (504.496.2023). There are a couple of slots open so you can book more than 5% if you want, but I'm going to limit it to 10%/$50 a head to maximize the number of people participating. Again, I will be playing in the $300 +$40 (+$10) tournament at the Beau Rivage today.

I will confirm if you are in as long as I'm not sold out.

For those of you that already have a piece of me I will be blogging with photos ( ) and updating with chip counts and big hands as long as I have phone service and battery life and am still in the tournament. Comments welcome.

Also, for those that have taken action, I offer the enjoyment of being able to text me something I have to say at the table. I will chose one gem every level. They frown on taking pictures in the tournament area, but I will attempt to get some pics of my tablemates, if you'd like to direct my comments to specific people. Remember profanity is penalized so you have to be creative. Also, please refrain from being mean spirited as I see many of these same faces OVER and OVER and OVER again in these tournaments. Weird, crazy, off the wall that's fine, I'll adapt it to my advantage.

Alright, the horse is about to drive to Biloxi and play. Let's do this and have fun with it fellas. Hopefully, I'll last a long time to give you some entertainment punch, and even better long enough to fatten your wallet a little bit.

For now texting is the best way to get a hold of me. I'll be updating through out the day


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