Back Online, Poker, And Red Turf Part 2

Where were we? Let's see I chronicled again my lack of playing poker though I did click some online links in my down time that looked a lot like this: I was pressed for time so I mainly just played one sng after another. I ended about even. Well... then I went into link dump mode and was talking about the dude going the length of the Amazon and mentioned my friend who cycled across the country.

My friend accompanied by his own Cho (see article) who joined him shortly into the adventure completed the trek and I often think back... damn I'm glad I didn't waste three months bicycling across the United States. Still, the bicycle journey was impressive, a similar one undertaken by a Dane who biked from Scandinavia to South Africa for the world cup more impressive, but the walk down South America most impressive. Read here about the Brit that did it. By the way, why is it always Brits that do these things, don't they have anything better to do?

--Spurned by Spurrier. Emmitt Smith treated Florida like that Karate Kid girl treated her husband. You know the female boxer that got killed in that Clint Eastwood movie, the Hilary Something that won an Oscar and didn't thank her husband Chad something else. Turns out one of the greatest running backs of all time, forgot to mention Florida in his Hall of Fame acceptance speech. I think Emmitt is one of the most underrated backs of all time simply because he was surrounded by greatness. Emmitt finished his career behind a lot of bad lines in Dallas and later in Arizona and still churned out numbers. Emmitt's stint as a TV guy on ESPN was shortlived (to our benefit) but as a class act (surrounded by classlessness), a bull of a running back, and as dancer on Dancing With the Stars there were few better.

Can you imagine a poker player with that kind of consistency? Can't imagine it? Well, Emmitt will probably get a least a cameo on this years World Series of Poker Broadcast as he gave it a shot. Spoiler alert, he's a better running-back than a poker player. Makes me think that guy I played poker with that looked and sounded suspiciously like Emmitt Smith at the Beau Rivage was in fact... Emmitt Smith.

Though you can't blame Florida fans for hating on Emmitt a little bit after the omission. You may remember, the guy was returning for his junior year when Steve Spurrier joined Florida to save the program (he did more actually building it) but Spurrier didn't even look up the star running back to talk about the upcoming season. Smith took it as a snub and headed for the NFL and a quest to find the other two triplettes. His journey into his family history he repeated on an NBC show nobody watched even though those people were actually related to him.

--Tiger Woods is now no different than your philandering married buddy. He's just human afterall and he's playing golf like your average weekend duffer. It's fun to see people fall from grace if they portray themselves to be an exact contradiction to who they are. The Stanford educated family man turned out to be a freak. Now that the freak can't even play golf he's not even interesting. You know if Tiger was who Nike said he was, and who he represented he was, this humanizing struggle in his golf game would only draw more fans to support him. Sure the people that have stayed loyal to him, many of them also philandering freaks, may like him even more but the rest of the world is laughing at him. Go get 'em Tiger! And please, don't pick him for the Ryder Cup. This article from a month ago ties it up nicely. He cheated on his wife with a girl from the Tool Academy, if only they could land him on that show.


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