Online Poker... A World Series of Disappointments

Before I get started on the Texas Hold'em poker online I played this weekend, I bitched on here about the SPAM in my comments section and apparently angered the Gods of spam. Just got the deluge of comments on my last few posts. That was like deleting a hotmail account in 2000. (Speaking of Y2K little more than a year to the next Faux-pocalyspe Y2K-2?). Though the end of the world feels a lot closer to happening 12 years later with the madness that is the global climate and the speed that everybody is going nuclear.

For the record, I don't believe the Mayans foresaw the end of the world... let's just use simple logic, if they could do that why wouldn't they have foreseen the end of their culture and prevented it. Hell, they would have landed at Spain and conquered it, instead of vice-versa. Okay, that's tangent number 1, sorry.

Let's get back to the poker part of this blog. So, I had a bit of a free evening on Saturday with the lovely and vivacious wife away from home with my (chose your superlative... any works for me :)) son. I quickly find myself on four tables playing tournaments with a wide variety of low buy-ins. For some reason I didn't play Rush poker but I did play a lot of Hold'em poker tournaments online.

I'm a big fan of late registration. I don't care if people have a mammoth head start on me in terms of chip accumulation, I feel like I missed the needless early rounds and instead of needing to beat 90% of the field it's only 80% or sometimes as low as 50%. So in effect, the fact I went deep in every tournament is also a byproduct that I started somewhat deep in every tournament.

At one point after the first of many disappointing knockouts I entered a tournament without really looking (i love making that mistake) and discovered later I was in a satellite for bigger buy-in tournament. One flaw about late registration is once you click you are in... you are in. No unregistration for you. You'll be pleased to know (or maybe angered if you hate me) I was short on chips all day long but determined.

With the action on the other tables I didn't really monitor the tournament that well except when it got close to the bubble. I rivered a five outer and made the money. Three places later was the bubble for the entries. I looked down a KK with two shorter stacks than me all in. Alright ship it. They hold and I've done most of the dirty work myself.

The last player to go was this short stack on the other table that kept winning all ins. As is the nature of such tournaments as I moved up to second in chips, I realized that if somebody didn't bite it soon we'd all be at risk. Eventually, the short stack got it in with the best hand (that's a mistake) and it didn't hold.

So suddenly, I had a tournament ticket for later that night. Then I get a phone call that my divine and delightful wife was on the way back and needed some help with the youngster. Hmmm… that free night for poker didn’t work out so well.

I continue to play until she returned. I took a lot of hands off when she did and found myself with plenty of chips in the bigger buy-in event. In the others, I was climbing to the top of the leaderboard.

I started counting the top of the prize pools I was in the mix for and realized the evening had a lot of promise. Did I mention we are Ferberizing my baby?

More to come…


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