Response to Comment on Rush Poker Part I: Stalling..

First off thanks for the compliments and the comments. It's always nice to see that somebody is reading these things. Sometimes after finishing a session of online poker games I wander to my blog, put something up, click publish and wonder if the blog post is just bouncing around an empty internet. Are the only people reading spammers looking to drop some links on here? I know from my page views people are reading but comments always make you feel good (even the bad ones mean somebody is paying attention).

Nice score on the $600. I'm sure like all of us, at the time you wished 6th was 1st but any time you outlast all but 5 people in a +1300 person field you've played great and finally got a little share of run good. I'd take 6th place in every tournament I played in and be a rich man. I'll respond to the coaching in my next post, as we all need to learn poker in a fluid manner because the game is always changing and progressing. Especially these days.

I see you tinkered with some of the same concepts I played with when playing the Rush tournament and I'm glad to see you had some success with it. Stalling, I think online is perfectly legitimate because you have a time bank and are entitled to use it to your maximum. (***I'm about to go on a tangent for the rest of this post, my apologies but fair warning)

I have a friend who likes to milk the clock in live tournaments to an almost dastardly degree. He tries to time it so at the next level he'll be on the button if he can and he's not afraid to sit for two or three minutes preflop to do it--if he's late in a tournament. He and I may disagree if he pushes it to an excessive level but I've never seen too many other players take him to task for it.

Though, in one tournament a guy told me he wasn't going to angleshoot me by stalling, and folded. Here was the situation, I was short and UTG, I quickfolded hoping to get the BB before the level ended (and the BB doubled), a guy in middle position put in a raise and the clock was into the seconds when the guy in the Big Blind had nothing made that comment to me and folded. The dealer motivated in part by the comment quickly shuffled and got my BB in that level.

Up to that point, I had never really thought of milking the clock as an "angle shoot." Especially in that guy's situation where he could have "min-stalled" and (just taken 10 seconds to fold) and really put me in a situation where the next hand is almost impossible for me to find a fold based on the chip stacks. Granted the guy also got a reduced small blind by folding quickly and perhaps was just saying that to exploit an opportunity to look honorable when he wasn't (just like you should never trust people that frequently say "to be honest" or any variation of that).

Still, the word choice was interesting. Angle shoot. Is milking the clock in live poker an angle shoot? Clearly, in online poker it's not. I'd contend the clock is so short in online poker, particularly in Rush poker (and the fact people can quick fold and get jettisoned to another table immediately), that it's anything but an angleshoot.

To be continued...


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