Harrahs 1-2 NL Poker Action Post Saints Preseason game vs. Texans

Having had my fill of online poker recently I headed over to Harrahs on Saturday night for some live action Texas Hold'em. When I was coming in to sit down who do I see but Lusky call me to his table. He's just returned from Vegas he had some really high highs and some low lows. He's newly married and he and his wife had gotten involved in the real estate game. Anybody that's familiar with what's been going on in Vegas knows that's a tough line of work or in strong terms a financial death-wish. Course they got into right before the crash so they had no idea it was coming.

Fortunately, the poker has been going well, and he's been crushing the cash games since he's been back though probably misses out on the dearth of Pot Limit Omaha games. After playing for a bit he opened under the gun, the next guy re-raised him, and then action was on me. I looked at AA. I decided Brian wasn't opening in that spot with air too often, the guy that popped him seemed to chose his hands fairly diligently so I didn't know what to do.

I thought for a while, and decided that I thought the second guy was strong enough to call me if I raised and Brian would probably get out of the way knowing I wasn't making a move there. That's exactly what happened.

Flop came out three spades, king high. He checked, I bet, he called. The turn was a brick. I bet he called. The river was a fourth spade. I knew my aces were red so I didn't flush check. He put me all in. After a while I called... actually, I can't remember the hand too well, I think I might bet, and he put me all in on the turn turn... or maybe he check-raised me all in on the flop and I called. What I'm now confident of is the fact, I was all-in and neither of us were eager to show when the river hit.

I showed my aces first and he folded, flashing what looked like two red queens. He later said he had kings. I said "You had a set?" and he replied, "Wait, there were two kings on the board." Oh, he had a pair of kings. Maybe King-Queen is what I saw... wtf.

Funny, Brian and I were discussing what he could have had right in front of him. When I thought I had seen two red queens I was ready to bet Brian that's what he had. The board was 4 spades a king, a jack, and a 10. Just brutal for most of the range I should have been up against. I guess I would have lost that bet considering what the guy said.

Brian said that guy and had gotten tired of Brian winning a lot of pots and just started isolating him with reraises with garbage. Hmmm. Brian had AK and said had I flatted he would have reraised and built a big pot because that guy might have shoved and there were a number of players willing to go to the flop for 3bets (but not 4). So who knows. Brian didn't have a spade either, but possibly I let some numbskull in late position into that hand and I get felted.

I picked up some pots here and there and then I joined Brian for some sushi to catch up. Glad to hear things are going better for him and he's getting a new start on life in New Orleans. I haven't met his wife yet, but she sounds like a great girl. He told me how they were renting in Vegas and every time they'd move to somewhere new they'd never get their deposit back.

In one neighborhood it was just them and one other family the rest of the complex was completely empty. I've seen specials on TV about how bad things are getting there but it's kind of crazy to put it in that perspective. Must feel like the last person on earth, "I Am Legend " style, when you get home. Then they moved out leaving that one family completely alone like that.

To be continued..


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