Online Poker... A World Series of Disappointments part three

Where were we... excuse the purple prose... it was a dark and stormy night, one I thought I was going to finally get some time for online poker games. I was playing in four tournaments with a screaming, angry baby as a soundtrack. Bit like watching the Godfather with a screaming, angry baby as a soundtrack. Hard to put together two thoughts much less contemplate poker strategy. I had just bet twice with pocket rockets.

Turn isn't a club but puts a Jack on the board. I bet big again. Call. River is a queen. I don't like it. Hhe shoves for not much more. I feel beat, I look at the wife and shake my head. She shakes her head. Call.

Broadway he had A10 in the hand. Oh, that's fun. I still have chips.

The wife feels vindicated in her understanding of proper poker strategy. "Just fold 'em," she raises her eyebrows in knowing school teacher fashion. I nod like an attentative student and return to the screen.

In the background, if it was possible the screaming baby was becoming more disconcerting. Now it's not just because the screaming is annoying actually that's not the tough part of feberzing at all. It's the knowledge that your baby is pissed and crying because of something you are doing. It's gut-wrenching far worse than some idiot sucking his way to broadway on you.

Especially if your child is not a crier or a complainer. Literally we are blessed as parents as this kid just rolls with the punches and seems perpetually happy. Once when a chihuahua snapped at him, he took out his nu-nu and threw it at the dog but that's the closet thing we've seen to anger in him. Though, he did find it hilarious when we'd point our fingers at the same dog like a gun and say bang, bang.

Think that's smart? When we'd do it to the other dogs he didn't think it was funny at all. While I'm bragging about my kid, I liked it a month ago when (probably by sheer conincidence) he took the remote control from me, somehow put it on Clifford the Big Red Dog, and then handed the remote back and watched (have i told that one before?).

Alright, so anyway this little bundle of joy is now screaming in the background and we can't pick him up and comfort him. Not fun to put it mildly. I don't think I'd be cut out for being a torturer.

So, the poker continues. I'm about 50 away from money in the highest buy-in tournament I played. I look at AA again, I can't help but look over my shoulder to see if my wife the poker expert is looking to tell me fold. She's not, I click raise.

A guy reraises me. O... really?

I shove it in. He stews and then calls me. He has about three time my stack. My shove is about 10 to 1 on his bet. He calls with... wait for it... 7-2 suited. Yeah. I don't notice the two on the flop as I focus on suit, it's diamonds not hearts so I'm in the clear. The turn pairs the board with a four and I don't even pay attention to the river but I'm not scared. Then, I see in surprise the pot shift to my smiling opponent. Okay, I don't know if he was smiling for sure, but as he nailed another 2 on the river I'd like to think so.

To be continued...


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