Online Poker... A World Series of Disappointments part two

Where was I? I had a free night to play Texas Hold'em poker online, yes, then I mentioned Feberizing a baby. That's right.

Feberizing a baby? Or as Brian H calls it Febreezing a baby. Yeah if we were Febreezing a baby we'd just spray it. For those that don't know Feberizing a baby is conditioning the child to sleep on its own. Usually this is best done somewhere around month 8 or so, before they are really aware they aren't in the same room as mom and dad. A little bit later and it's a little bit tougher.

We had gotten into the bad habit of letting our little guy sleep in between us and he really enjoyed that. Course if you don't get 'em out about by age one you run the risk of having a third wheel in bed until they hit puberty. Okay, not quite that long but for far longer than I want a third person hanging out with me and my wife in bed. Well, not counting Shanna Marie (pictured go here for more you pervs). Okay mom... just kidding about that second girl in bed.

So, for those that don't know to Feberize a baby you follow Dr. Feber's tactics which are a little brutal. You put the baby down for the night in his bed in his room and walk away. Usually the baby is screaming. You wait for five minutes (still screaming) come in, don't pick up the kid, pat them on the back letting them know you haven't abandoned them and leave. 10 minutes more (still screaming and crying) you come in again and reassure the. Then 15 minutes (still screaming). Then 20 (still screaming). Then 25 (stills screaming). Then 30 (still screaming). It's not uncommon for this last over two hours especially for older kids who has parents too soft to do this to them earlier (like us).

Ever tried to play a poker tournament with a screaming baby in the background? Not so easy. They don't teach you this at bwin poker school
Probably the wrong night to Feberize but I had to do what I had to do right? So with the soft gentle background music of a baby screaming bloody murder, amid the fear the police are going to show up because they had calls about a massacre, and with a spouse's reassuring lear because I left her to feberize on her own I played poker.

The tournaments continued to go well. I didn't find myself in too many spots. I had a good feel of where I was in every hand and even if I didn't like it, I was finding folds when I was supposed to. I also made some "hero"ish calls when things just didn't add up. In short, I was tuned in.

Under the circumstances something I might equate to trying to play at the end of a runway on an Aircraft Carrier I had to feel pretty good about my performance. Again, I couldn't resist the opportunity to peek at my possible winnings in multiple tournaments. The fields cleved and cleved again. At the very least I was going to cash in four tournaments... or so I thought.

My wife pops in to see me with AA. She says I should fold because I always lose with it--which is true, but I raise. I get one caller. Flop is king high two clubs. I make a large bet. Call.

To be continued...


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