Poker Thursday Night and the Worlds Worst Sports Bar the Fox and Hound in Elmwood Part 2

The place is now empty. Now, it's just me waiting for a friend in one section of the restaurant. The other games start to tip and still just the one feed. A couple walk in after me, and they request the Vanderbilt game. As much as I like the spiders postseason chances I can't help but think they had a bad matchup and this definitely a game I wouldn't have done any sports betting on. Which is on the local feed. I watch the manager struggle with the satellite as it keeps saying the game isn't available in her region (because it's on the local channel).

Anybody with direct TV and a sports package, or who has been to a bar with a sports package, knows this pretty quickly. Apparently, if you manage a bar with a sports package this is not apparent. So, I decide to help her and try to explain why the feed is off and she not so subltely tells me to F off without saying it. I was so shocked by the reaction I didn't even bother to confirm the Richmond game was on.

I had decided I was trapped in this twilight zone of stupidity, ineptness and customer service that surely explained the dearth of patrons because it would take me until halftime of my game to get to another venue. Apparently the local feed portion that I was able to get out before the manager let me know she was struggling with Big Blue in a chess match to get the college basketball games on, got through to her because the Vandy game lit up through the restaurant.

Next, i try three successive times to wave down my waitress. She does the stare over look and spin each time. There are three people in her part of the restaurant, and there are more wait-staff than a football team. A girl and a boy waitress and waiter throw sweet and low packets at each other. When I say packets I mean they empty the container on the table and toss at one another. Then wrassle a bit and leave them on the floor. Classy.

My waitress in one of her spin-away moments feigns picking up the litter, then has second thoughts about showing some sort of initiative or professionalism shrugs and walks away. One of my other attempts at waving her down to get my beer and my game (IN A SPORTS BAR!) was amazingly turned into a glance at the iPhone and full pivot showing only her lumpy rear end, which even the blackness of her uniform didn't slim down, and a full on texting session.

Now the Richmond game has tipped. I'd been there forever. Another group comes in and as my waitress sits them and is trying for a fourth time ignore my wave, I scream out, "Excuse me can we get all the games on?"

She looks at me like I shot her dog, how presumptious of me to want to watch college basketball during march madness at a sports bar, "Our manager is working on it."

"She is?" I look to where the bank of tv receivers is and no afternoon shift manager.

"Can I get my beer please?"

"... they just changed the keg, you'll have to wait." Yes, foolish me to expect their advertised special to be readily available especially when it's a beer and they are a sports BAR!

My friend arrives. We are kind of stuck here. We see Richmond is off to a fast start, which 3/4s of the time in the NCAAs you don't really want. It's like the team that starts out quick, especially if a higher seed, kind of relaxes, and the team that is knocked to the canvas wakes up and plays out the rest of the game on fire. As the game isn't on, I can't tell if this is likely to happen.


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