Gulf Coast Poker Magazine Edition 2

We are getting together our second edition of the magazine and we are pretty pumped with some of the stories that will be in there. We have added stories from some of the bloggers on the site and think they'll contribute some valuable perspectives and content. If you don't see your favorite blogger this go round they'll probably be in the next issue. So look for that magazine in one of our 120something distribution points, and at every Casino on the Gulf Coast (well, except for one--we still like you though). If you want to read to the magazine and your local poker room is out, don't be afraid to ask them where it is. Several places we had to send them more issues after the first batch.

We have expanded our online poker section as well as some of our live tournament coverage.
We are happy with the growth of the magazine and though we have no misconceptions of being Cardplayer magazine or Bluff any time soon we think we offer a product that is distinct and fills a void for the marketplace. As always the more advertisers the better, we have very inexpensive rates, and as we grow it's a great time to get on board. Email me if you are interested wildbill (at) gulfcoastpoker (dot) net there is still time to get in on this issue.

Okay, with that promo out of the way... what's up with me...

Working hard on the magazine as mentioned writing a lot of stories. Haven't played the Donkley at Harrahs the last couple of weeks as its been difficult lining up daycare for the little one. Shouldn't be a problem for next week, so I'm excited to get some live action in. Truth be told, I've also been on a little bit of bankroll management problems. It's weird I haven't been able to play much and I've been paying bills, birthday present for the wife (Wii, Wii Fit plus, Balance Board - like I haven't spent too much of my time playing that either), and spending money during Mardi Gras, Superbowl, and on other needless things out the bankroll without replenishing it. Basically, the same thing as running bad for a month or so.

Course, I have to remind myself had I been playing as much as I think I should, I could have been running bad at the same time and gotten into some real trouble. So we'll see. I'll be back playing a little more live in the near future. Couple of times I almost made it over to the Big H. Was going to do a little coaching but my friend has a really ill family member and had to cancel and I wish him and his family the best. Ya'll are in my thoughts and prayers. Also, was going to go over there with Big Smoove but guy is a little bit too much of a night owl. With the Olympics and the baby I got on a more traditional sleep pattern.

I've been able to scratch my itch by playing online, as noted below. Things are going pretty well. Though the ebbs and flows are a little more difficult than live I find. I haven't figured out just how many tables to play at once. Or if distractions are a help or truly a distraction. I find, online as opposed to live (where I feel patience is one of my assets), I play a few too many hands if I only have one or two tournaments or games on the screen. If I have three or more I play less, but at the same time sometimes I'm not as clued in to what's going on in each game. I might let myself get too short when I should be shoving. At times I've called huge raises in one game thinking I have the stack from the other game and realizing I just put half my chips into play.

I did that to start off a sit 'n go where I got down to 30 chips from 1500 on one of the first few hands, and somehow got all the way back to chip leader before two people had been eliminated. One guy doubled me up three or four times and even better was getting heckled by some dude he had snapped off previously. If my hand started off good it held. If not, it came back. All the while the heckler was just going off. I thought I had saved the chat but I didn't. Sorry, some good stuff there.


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