Poker Cash Game afterwards

So I played some cash after my bust out. I cooled off enough after the tournament because of a long list to get onto the table. I reflected and thought I had done a couple of things wrong. One I was being aggressive enough in general and while playing cautious with those short stacks is not a bad idea I think I nitted it up a little too much.

I drew inspiration from a kid I played with almost from the start to my bust-out making the same table changes all along. Watching him was a bit like a personal poker school. He tried a strategy which I had employed in the past there and he had a lot of success with it. He actually took it further, I've been 2.5 x bets or 2.25 raising in the past where he was straight up 2xing it. Min-raises everywhere.

Weird thing was he never got pounded by anybody. In the past I felt like those small raises have drawn a lot of late position raises or shoves on me and I've since reverted back to 3x for almost any hand until the blinds get up there and it's about 2.25 - 2.5. I watched him exhibit good discipline the few times he ran into those hands. Even better i couldn't believe how many pots he raked in by c betting the bare minimum.

Wow... that was an eye-opener. A tactic I'll probably give a go at the next one I play. He got short a couple of times but always seemed to chip up. I played a big pot with him fairly early on and laid down to a big raise by him. I didn't see him play for those stakes much afterward so I suspect my lay-down might have been good.

I didn't have the courage in one hand to call with king high. I had that gut feeling I've had in the past. The guy shoved on the river when no draws hit and it just felt like a bluff. Course I couldn't come over the top and win the hand that way so I could only call if I thought King high as good. Too many weak Aces came to mind but I think I regret that decision. My gut is usually right and I usually profit by listening to it, this time I couldn't pull the trigger for some reason.

Anyway, I mulled over those items and waited, and waited, and waited for a table. As I did I watched Spider who's been on a Donkley heater get closer and closer to another final table (and eventual chop). Great job spider.

Saw David A. and the good captain but really didn't get a chance to talk too much to either. They are a couple of good guys I always root for when i'm not in a pot with them. I hope their days were a little better than mine. Looked like they found a decent cash table to play and unfortunately a spot didn’t open up there. Not that disappointed because I’m not really looking to take either one of them’s money and I hate having friends at a table with me.

I respect both their games so I would probably try to avoid pots with them and that just ruins my full ring approach. Invariably, I catch my biggest hands vs. friends and getting felted by somebody tends to leave a bad taste in your mouth. The Captain bolted for his game in Baton Rouge I think but knowing him he probably left a winner. That guy was running as good as anyone a month or so ago.

Question, if you want a coke and nobody is at the bar, and you see the bartender in the back just chatting along with a waitress and not even peeking out to his station (granted it’s a dead hour) do you tip the guy when he finally comes out and discovers your presence? I did, but as I went to sit down at my cash table I sort of regretted it. What’d I tip him for? Leaving me thirsty for 10 minutes? Am I reinforcing that kind of job shirking is okay by tipping a guy in spite of it? I'm too nice sometimes.


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