Poker Cash Game afterwards part III

I later got into a hand with a guy that was steaming and he was just firing bets into the pot. I had top pair (jack maybe with a weak kicker). The draws missed and he put out a big bet. I had already seen him bet draws, and bluff when they missed. I had better than a bluff catcher but then I saw him staring off into the distance, head up, looking like he didn't want to scare me away. I folded but I really wish I knew what he held.

My chip stack went up and down. I would have made a nice profit on a hand with top pair king kicker, then this idiot stuck around for a gut shot draw wheel draw, hit it and didn't even bet it. Okay, he was an idiot but... I got a great disdain for people that chase these improbable draws, hit them, and never bet their made hands to give them anywhere close to the value to draw. One of the problems I think I'd have with Omaha is knowing what I should be to make chasing the right play if I catch. I'm a guy that would need some Omaha Tips.

I thought my hand was good but there was another guy in the pot so I didn't want to play that big of pot with just one pair. Anyway, based on the pot size I'd have to stack off if I wanted to bet some hands out. The other dude called as well. Lucky for me when the first dude flipped his rivered bullshit wheel hand.

The guy changed tables, so did another idiot that was burning through buy-ins and Heinkends at our table, but craved the action at the 2-5. Please don't leave, please don't leave, please don't leave, I tried to will the two doctors to stick with our table but they left. It's not that doctors are stupid, it's just that their egos don't allow them to realize being smart and being good at poker with no experience doesn't go hand in hand.

Orthopedic surgeon conventions are juicy. Later I see the guy who caught the wheel against me at Joe B's table. I tell him what the dude did to me, and Joe says he's already down three buy-ins in the 20 minutes he's been there argh! Hopefully, Joe got some of my money off of him if I couldn't.
The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. I got either AJ or nothing. I played AJ every possible way. Limped it and got snapped off by a dude that limped AK when an A hit. I thought about opening with bull-shit but when I’d pop it with suited connectors it’d be all face cards. Kind of frustrating.

I built my way back up after the doctor wheeled me, and just couldn’t catch hands. The table wasn’t giving away any money. Later another regular joined and he seat changed to my left. That’s a compliment I guess . Good thing was I was playing so tight if I opened he got out of the way. I didn’t want to play pots with him either. So in a way, it was better that he moved because rather than me folding to his openings with some decent hands he was folding to me.

That’s a dynamic that is undervalued in the concept of sitting to the left of a tight, good player. If he is going to accord you the same respect, I think you’d rather be on the right of him. That way you get the relative first in vig, and garner the same position. If he doesn’t give you that kind of leeway then to the left is good.

I have a friend that always tries to sit on my left when we play cash together. Always. That’s fine by me, because he’s going to let me dictate the action and if he’s choosing to not mix it up with me and lay down so be it. These guys assume there are going to be hands they are going to lead out into, and that I’ll call with position, but they forget I’m focused on getting the easy money at the table. When I catch big hands yes, I’ll play with them, but they should know where they are at anyway.


Anonymous said…
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Tiltin Texan said…
man up and follow those guys to 2-5 .BR management be damned. You gonna update my blog to at least get it off bottom of page?
Anonymous said…
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