Online Poker run bad

Played a couple of the online Sunday poker tournaments and was a mixed bag for me. Satellited into one on my second try and bought straight into the other. I like Texas Hold'em, even better if I get a discount. Those hyper turbo satellites are fun by the way. You basically just got to double up once or twice and you can coast to the payout. I will be playing those kind of games again. Online poker is fun.

Once the poker tournament started I got trapped with pocket aces due to stack sizes. Online poker is not fun. There was raiser in front of me, I repopped it from Early/middle postion. Big Blind called. Raiser called.

Flop came KQx two to a flush. I don't like that board at all. Checked to me. I make a pot sized bet for half the chips of each of my opponents we were all about equal in chips. BB shoved, other guy folded.

KQ methinks. Yes obviously he does. I call, he shows them, I don't hit any of my outs. Not so bad. Why do I like to play online poker?

In the other tournament I raise with 99. Get a caller. Flop comes 10 high with three hearts. Guy leads out kind of weakly, folds before me. I put half his stack (and mine) into the pot (I have the 9h). He pauses for a while and shoves. I quick call, he's got 88. River 8, bink you very much. I'm short, win the next 5 or 6 pots kind of crawling me way back. Shove AJ from the button unopened. BB has AK. That was fun.

Can't really complain with my recent dosage of run good, but I would like to just go on a life heater. Jason Mercier seems to do that that last couple of years. There is one woman I've played with on the coast who always seems to make final tables, just making one huge mistake after another, and constantly gets rewarded for it. Let me get my money in bad, on a bluff, a guy can't possibly fold too if he has anything much less the big hand he likely has and catch runner-runner to scooop the pot. Don't know if that is her strategy but that's the way it seems to work out.

For something more entertaining the members of the Handsome Mens Club

Quite a variety of big hollywood names. One thing about Jimmy Kimmel the dude is connected. Seems to be buds with Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and a host of others. You got to wonder how many of those people were in the room at one time?

Ethan Hawke, Lenny Kravitz, Rob Lowe, John Krazinski, Matthew Monaghy and others. It was like Ocean's 22 with all those names. Course nothing a hollywood actor likes better than a bit of ego stroking if they aren't getting paid, and telling them all they are in the Handsome Men's club might be incentive enough. Sting and Ted Danson got in on the fun as well.

Krazinski stole the video though, besides Damon's cackle at the end. Showed a lot more range than on display weekly at the office and nailed the sycophant role to the tee. More I see of Kimmel, the more I wonder what all the fuss is about Leno and Conan and Letterman, maybe we should all just be watching Jimmmy.

Speaking of Jimmys late night, Jimmy Fallon started out terribly and NBC stuck with him. I remember Conan when he stared and thinking he wasn't going to make it and same way with Fallon, it just felt like I was watching an awkward, uncomfortable conversation. I couldn't help but changed the channel weeks into it, all that had changed and both felt at home.


Tiltin Texan said…
Pretty good although Affleck still doesnt understand that the key to acting is NOT acting.

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