Poker Cash Game afterwards part II

I promise I'll get to the cash game... not that anybody is on the edge of their seats to read a hand history for a standard 1-2 cash game. I realize that, but I keep thinking of more hands from the tournament. True the cash games are usaully sprinkled with more colorful characters like the degens from the rest of the casino treating it like a blackjack table.

These are the sort that play online casino during their work hours, and skip over to Harrahs with a little drool in the mouth and can't wrench themselves away from a one armed bandit. Not that I have anything against people that play online casino or play in a live casino, it's fun, but generally they are easier targets in poker.

Here's where the kid's strategy I mentioned in the previous post, the min-raise could have helped me in a spot or two. Once in early position I held Aq suited, I fired out a 3x raise when blinds were 300-600. I wanted to take it down and there were some tight players in late position that might lay down some additional hands then if I made it say 1500 or 1200. A lady quickly shoved when it got to her.

I've played with her numerous times, and made a few final tables with her, so I know her game. She ain't shoving with nothing there. At best I was in a race with JJ, at best. So everything else basically crippled me. I had chipped up to about 16k to start the hand so even though her shove was only for half my stack I thought better of it and quickly laid down flashing her the AQ.

She was kind enough to oblige and showed my AK. Course sometimes AK gets snapped by AQ. She's another player I like to see do well if it doesn't directly effect me. She's got a great attitude when she plays and is there to have fun but keeps a level head no matter what.

It's funny I folded 99 in the face of an early position raiser from mid position early, two guys called. One guy folded to a post flop bet and said he had 66. The other two guys got in on the flop the first guy had KK, the other JJ. So I was in a bit of a zone (even if it was a nit zone). Nobody made a set by the river including me, btw.

Yet, later in the tournament, right after I folded to the lady, I open again for a l3x bet with 88. A short stack on the button shoved for half that. I had to call, of course. He had jj and neither of us improved. I had lost a third of my stack. In retrospect I could have limped-called/folded or more moderately raised and called.

Okay, in the cash game. I played with a regular who I thought was the best player at the table fortunately I was directly on his left. I think we only tangled in one hand in the blinds, I made top pair he made two pair. Later, he limped I raised, he called and we went to showdown.

I had a AJ (for the fortieth time that cash session), I missed the flop, he quickly checked and so did I. Turn was a brick he quickly checked and I followed suit. They were all babies. River was a blank and he checked. For a split second I had thought about betting if he checked.

It dawned on me that if he had nothing he couldn't call and I'd scoop the pot. In that case my AJ was already good. There are a few hands that I could get him to lay down but with the action he might call thinking pocket pair of 3s, 4s, or 5s could be good. Or he could have a monster.

I expect to win the pot and turned over AJ. He flopped a set of Kings. Oh... People looked at him funny, and he correctly said I couldn't call, his only hope was to induce a bluff or pray that I hit a piece. Correct.


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