Trying out the Live Computer High Def feed

Big ass add on the blog. Trying to watch the Memphis game and the Texas A&M game on the computer. May cut down on the blogging. Cal St. Looking to be the first to bust a bracket leading Memphis 11-8. Texas A&M looking to repeat last year's 9-8 victory over BYU up 11-3 too.

These early games snuck up on me.

For the record I liked BYU to get their revenge and eke out a win vs. the Aggies. Line was -3, BYU. That doesn't look good.

Memphis was -20 vs. CS-Northridge. They've won a lot of games in a row. Maybe they were due for a letdown. Won't make a pick on this one as the game's too deep and I hadn't thought enough about the line in advance to make a pick.


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