NCAA Hoops Head

I guess with Poker taking over sports-viewing time, I'm not nearly the hoops head I used to be.

When I was kid, starting in about 6th grade I'd get sick the Wednesday before every NCAA and I don't think I've missed the opening two days of the tournament since. Even when I've been working I haven't been working.

I used to be able to name a player or two on every NCAA team. I'd watch all the conference championships and knew that shit cold. I used to win a lot of brackets back then. Could be like poker and on the variance side of things I ran good early and my knowledge didn't really apply.

Nowadays, I have to admit I'm just like the rest of bracket filler outers. I know a couple of teams pretty well, and have misinformed opinions about a lot of other teams.

I'll sit here and tell you I think Louisville is overrated in terms of winning it all, but unlike when I was a kid I got nothing to tell you why. I don't like conference champions as much as good teams that got a timely lesson losing in their conference tournaments for some reason. Still, all that is based on vague pyschology I don't have the library of viewing games in my mind I used too.

However, half an hour into the tournament and my bracket isn't shot yet. Maybe I'll be the luckbox this year.


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