Next set of games...

Alright picking the next set of games. Due for some Ls.

Washington vs. Mississippi St: Washington is favored by 6. I'm taking the favorite. Miss St. will go the way of Georgia last year. Washington by 10.

Texas v. Minnesota: Texas -4. I think Minnesota could win this game. However, I think Texas will play up to their potential and win by 8+.

Clemson v. Michigan: I love Beilien but he may be a year or two away. Clemson is favored by 5. Can't take all the favorites. I'll take Michigan to cover, but Clemson to win. That's a a small window huh?

Villanova v. American: This game is in Philadelphia so is Villanova. American is a nice patriot league team. Bucknell has given people fits from that league but I'm going with the home court advantage. Nova by 20. Line is 16.5

Gonzaga v. Akron: Line is 13. I like Gonzaga in this too. However, impossible all favorites win this set of games. Well, not impossible but improbable. So, I'll take Akron to cover but not by much.


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