More Poker than Not

Incorrect tournament listing:

At the Beau's Spring Break Classic... they list this Saturday's poker tournament as a $340 buy-in on their site. Cardplayer has it listed as a $550. Honest Player called and they said it was $550. So plan accordingly.

Celebrity Apprentice:

Annie Duke's alpha-female took a back seat as a 6'9 tatooed man became the star of the show. Dennis Rodman had a Ruthie on the Real World Hawaii moment. The only difference was the producers of Celebrity Apprentice decided to air the train wreck that is Rodman's alcohol abuse, the incredibly awkard pseudo-intervention in the boardroom (instead of helping a guy they just took pot shots at him), and Dennis's denial of his problem as it was. The Real World on MTV always takes itself a little too seriously, ever since Pedro died with Aids (now they are cashing in again on his death with a movie), but despite it also being good TV when the producers step in, it also seems to be for the right reasons.

Nobody stepped in on Dennis Rodman. Maybe it was because he's 6'9. Maybe it's because he's pushing 40. Who knows. MTV feels an obligation to the teenagers they exploit, Mark Burnett has never seemed to feel (or at least show a sense of) any obligation to any of the reality stars he creates or B-listers he embarasses.

Jesse James certainly had some balls in speaking truth to the guy experiencing a problem James has already licked. I don't know. I would have hoped the producers tried to do more behind the scenes and Rodman just declined the help. The right thing to do, maybe not right for TV (so you have to doubt Burnett even considered it), would be to say, "Dennis you are going to look really bad on this show. Watch the tape. If you go and try and get help we'll edit it pretty good, and kind of brush this under the carpet. But you got to try and help yourself." They might have done that, I'm skeptical, but they might have and Dennis just declined.

At the same time, Dennis might have decided he was going to take this show as one big party. Perhaps it was spring break, and his degree of seriousness was less then the others involved. You go to Cancun and it turns out your group is a bunch of missionaries you're going to look pretty bad by comparison. However, that scenario is unlikely.

Annie Duke had this to say about Dennis' meltdown. In general she was in the background working hard but stepping on less toes. She has compared this to experience to a poker tournament. Their are inflection points, confrontations, and micro-decisions that effect the entire experience. We haven't seen her play online poker in the background yet but we got to wonder if she steals away to scratch that itch. Probably the show is all-ecompassing.

She did enough to get by, leveraged some out of line hotel guests to make herself look good and Natalie Gulbis to look bad, and probably decreased the size of the target on her back. Still, waiting for her introduce the other celebs to a laptop and get them to play online poker on her site. Out of the other players there isn't one celebrity I wouldn't want across from me on an online poker table. Clint looks like a nit. Dennis Rodman a maniac. Herschel Walker a tilting target. Actually, Brian McKnight might be able to do well on the felt.

On the ladies side, T-Boz might have some game. She's stealthy. Joan Rivers could probably play a bit. Her daughter is probably a bad beat story waiting to happen, again, and again, and again. I'd love to play that spoiled Kardashian she has no clue what patience is about. Brande Roderick would probably do well on a live table but never online where her looks don't garner her softplays.


Reid G made it to the money and I think a 13th place finish this past weekend. Eric Sievers finished 5th. Monkey added another final table to his collection, and Clint Shafer another tournament win. Hopefully, I can join them at the cashier's box this week.

Probably will put some of this on the main site... So be forewarned.


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