Celebrity Apprentice Thoughts and More...

So last night, Annie Duke, poker's hope to mainstream the sport again showed she's smart, she's an alpha-female, she doesn't work well with others unless she's running the show, and like any of these contestants she's capable letting her own inflated ego get in the way of making good decisions.

Last night she thought she and a briefcase holder from Deal or No Deal should script the advertising copy when she had an emmy award winning writer on her team. No put Joan Rivers on design.

Also, she again called the shots despite someone else being a team leader.

Her intensive study of the boardroom footage and the ears wide open to her fellow players was repeated again. You have to believe she's preparing a strategy to crush her opponents when she ends up in front of Trump fighting for survival. You gotta believe she'll be there a few times this season as she's made few allies. Team play is not a skill poker players develop... will it hurt her?

As for the rest of the show, Melissa Rivers outed herself as a corporate snake and tried to claim ownership of an idea that clearly wasn't hers. Nobody really called her on it. Still, on the female likability meter Annie Duke moved up from the bottom rung for that shady move. Also, the Deal or No Deal stand there and don't say anything model demonstrated why she doesn't say anything by flailing in the presentation of the product. Her catty remarks also moved her down past Annie. Problem is there are no real heros on the women's side... except for maybe Joan Rivers (?).

Tom Green went head to head with Scott Hamilton, Hamilton who created the worst idea in Apprentice history by naming his product's pitchwoman EEE got the boot. His skating analogies won't be missed. Herschal Walker or Clint Black may hit Green, who can't contain his social ineptiness to convey the good ideas he has. Walker clearly has a temper and Black is so wrapped up in his own ego that neither can tolerate Green's wackiness.

A weird dichotomy as Jesse James and Tom Green are the most able players yet their offbeatness is keeping the teams from utilizing them.

Alright... enough of the Reality TV chatter.

On to... college hoops. Pittsburgh looks like the real deal this year. Though, I got this new, feeling creeping in, that Tyler Hansbrough is going to get it done in his senior year. At first, I thought the Heels just had something missing, but now I'm starting to believe he's going to lead them to a championship. Should be an interesting March/April.

Been playing tournaments really poorly this week, but continuing to salvage my income by crushing the cash games. After busting out in embarassing fashion on Wednesday I turned a big profit. The embarassing bust-out? I had 3s4s in a multi-way pot. The board came 35s6s. I bet and got called. The turn was another 3. Now here I was positive I was ahead. I couldn't give my opponent credit for 74 or 24. I shove he calls. He shows pocket 5s. For some reason I don't processed I'm crushed. I hit a spade on the river (not the 2 or 7) and think I've sucked out. Then I get that he's got a full house and I was dead to the case 3, or the two spades for a straight flush. I sheepishly take my leave. Should have probably gotten a little more sleep.

In the Friday tournament at the Beau, I made another amateurish mistake. I read my hand as 87. The flop comes 65J. I check. My opponent checks behind. Turn is the 9. I make value bet number 1. I get a call. The river is a brick.

I decide the 9 might be his card. So I contemplate what I can bet that he'd call with second pair. I fire out 1500. He stews and stews. I'm willing him to call. Finally he does. I don't want to slow roll the guy so I quickly show my... 67. Huh?

Guy reads my confidence as the straight I thought I had and stares at the cards and the board forever. Same with the dealer. Finally he throws his 9 face up. Um... yeah, nice value bet with the worst hand their Einstein I tell myself.

I min-cash in the IP's tournament after I busted out of the Beau's. I had a decent stack and got run down with QQ vs. A10. The same player would complete my exit as two hands later I shove with AJ from the button and big blind wakes up with QQ. Even more funny because that's the exact holding and position that busted me in the saturday Beau tournament.

Friday night, I got bad beated and had to go back to pocket three times at the Isle of Capris. Bad Beat jackpot an absurd 175k. So many people chasing it, I think a lot of their limit players were playing no limit just to be on a table. The 9 players I had against me were open books. Finally, the cards start to hold and I ran over the table which were almost all weak-tight. I kept straddling and raising every hand preflop to get them willing to put some money on the table and it worked. Now, these weak tights would check-call, check-call, check-fold to me 3 out of 4 hands for stakes that made sitting there worthwhile.

Even better, an indication of how bad the table was, I'd have to show a series of bad holdings with my LAG strategy, and yet when I pound a river bet to get a guy off the hand, they'd all suggest I had a set or Aces or Kings. Haven't you been watching me showdown nothing hand after hand.

Alright... That's a long one. Promise not to wait a week for the next one.



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