To publically reveal how bad I am at picking games...

I'll take a stab during the halftimes at the next set of games:

Purdue-UNI. Boilers favored by 8.5. I'm down on the big 10. Though the Missouri Valley was a little down this year too. I don't see Purdue blowing out anybody. This line is pretty good. I'll take Purdue to win but barely miss the cover. Would love to tease this one up and get some more points.

Purdue by 7.

UNC-Radford. 25 is a lot. I won't tell you which team is favored. Probably too much without Lawson. But since I do a four team parlay with the one seeds every year. I'll stick with Carolina.

Carolina by 28.


Maryland +1.5. I know nothing about Cal or the Pac 10, other than UW has a point guard name Isiah Thomas. Alright I know a little more than that but not much. What I do know for sure is Maryland is up and down. They'll probably come out flat. Maybe they'll get it together by the end of the game.

I'm going to take them to win outright by 3 (ACC bias).


Word is Calhoun has just been hospitalized. UCONN favored by 20.5. They are a one seed so I'm taking them. I don't like it.


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