Pretty good day so far.

//Had Purdue winning but not covering.
/Had UCONN covering
/Had UNC covering
/Took Lsu
/Took Maryland
/Washington is going to cover (actually I think that's now a final)

Apparently, if I picked all my brackets like I was betting... I'd be 6-1 instead of my ESPN bracket where I'm 5-2, and in a couple of minutes I'd be be 7-1 instead of 5-3.


Funny think is I almost made four changes to my ESPN bracket today: Butler v. LSU, Miss State v. Washington, Illinois v. W. Kentucky and Utah State v. Marquette. I decided against it because I was sure there was a good reason my gut picked it that way on the first go round. I just discovered, that oddly, one out of the four was changed and I forgot to reset it. Thankfully it was Miss St. which I had advancing two rounds in a fit of lunacy. So far all changes would have been correct. Therefore look for Utah State to not pull off the upset, same with W.Kentucky.

BTW, my bracket is turgid. I got no chance to win the ESPN pool.



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