Missin' the Beau

The hoops fan in me won out over the poker nut in me.

I decided to skip the first two Spring Break Poker Classic tournaments though I hope to get down there midweek or so. I got good news that a good player Eric S. who checks out the site had made the final table along with Clint Schafer. The Honest Player told me Clint ended up winning.

Very happy to see the Heels make it to the final four. Villanova scares me. You could see them improve and grow in confidence. Prior to the Pitt game I didn't know who I wanted to win. After seeing Villanova pull it out... I think I'd rather they both lost. Short of the arena falling in on them I guess that's an impossibility.

If UNC wins it all potentially I could have a lucrative bracket season. Tabbing MSU to come out of Louisville's bracket has vaulted me to the top of the leaderboard in three of my pools. I also had UCONN, UNC, and Pitt. Didn't think MSU would win today as Louisville looked so nasty a couple of days ago but their legs finally caught up to them.

I don't like teams that win their conference tournaments and can't shoot free throws well. They also weren't exactly senior laden. I thought they and Cuse would run into something in the first weekend to send them home... but their brackets were too easy. Their long hours caught up to them finally. I have to admit, despite thinking this before the tournament, during it I was cursing myself for picking the average looking MSU to in my final four.

I knew with the UNC game on today I'd be in a dilema trying to play a poker tournament. Really don't know what I'm going to do next saturday in what I think will be the biggest field. Granted if I'm still playing poker that's a good problem to have... but, who starts out the day not thinking they'll still be playing in seven hours? Not me.

I was going to talk some poker strategy and mention some hands from the Harrahs weekly where I went out 12th and they paid 10. But, I have a feeling I'll be blogging about it a lot this week.

Gene D is down to one team left in his pool. He had UNC, Pitt and Missouri so had a stellar chance in the elite eight. Glad to have another Tar Heel fan on board. Maybe we'll sweat the game together in Biloxi. Who knows.



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