Update vs. the Puss

Yesterday, I phoned him and asked if wife was complimenting his sheen because I waxing his ass. Today, I'm taking it like a newbie in the big house.

Right now, the onslaught is continuing. Butler was a juicy line and undervalued and is waxing Deon Merritt, Richmond transfer, and USA. Texas is covering the line in the first half, Georgetown has enough of a lead and another buzzer beater (at the half) to salt away a victory against a game UMBC. The other game is UCONN, which is his team, so he gets them anyway. To be fair, I'm pulling for the Huskies a little bit, because if they lose the Puss will probably get disinterested in the tournament and not allow me to make up my losses by dodging my calls. He doesn't play phone tag he plays hide and seek, or duck hunter, I'm hunting and he's ducking.

Potentially an 8-0 start for Perry Puss today. I'm stunned. Meanwhile, as the law of averages corrected itself, in the morning session all three dogs covered. Miami was a pick 'em. That makes it 13-6 chalk in the first round.


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