Met up with the Spice Rack on Friday

We bled as slowly and as painfully as a chinese water torture. I enjoyed getting run down, and having to call value bets when my opponents hit their straights. I also loved having three, and they were the same three opponents, call my preflop and post flop raises with air, then hit something on the turn and then the river. Third or fourth time I've played at Harrahs and had the multiple opponents playing at me every time.

One memorable one included me having my sole overpair to the board. 10s I believe. Board comes out low but an odd straight out there. I bet, raised, and re-raised. Fine, one of them has me beat, whipsawed or not, I fold. Other guy calls. Turn is an 8. Player A raises. Player B calls. River is an 8. There is some more action. A8 vs. K8. Okay, I think they were both open ended and my postflop fold saved me some money even if I was ahead. Still, frustrating.

Fantasy poker was no more fun. Fantasy poker is the imaginary game I play when I have to fold all the dreck I've been dealt, and where I see if I could have won the hand with crap or if I hit my hand had I played it. Never did I hit a hand folded (or played for that matter), so that part was boring and as for the timing issue, generally my reads were good, but when I'd pin a bad hand on a player, I'd see him call with it so I wouldn't have been able to bluff him.

That really made the night painful, these donkfishes and gutshot chasers, were paying off made hands when they'd miss their chase--yet, I COULDN'T CATCH A HAND.

Spicer, ran well early, and showed more aggression then he displays in his tournament style, and until the table dynamic changed to the chasers was turning a profit. My typical style of trying to buy a small pot or two here and there to stay even until the cards turn positive for me, gave me three hands where I c-betted. When the table changed and I played 3 on 1, they all had hands and I had no avenue for profit. Felt like I was on a 3-6 table and just waiting for the best hands.

Nothing worse then calling a value bet at the river knowing you are beat but not knowing why. I got lucky when one dude caught his straight and checked it in a threeway pot. I sniffed something was rotten in denmark. I was sitting with QJ and two Jacks on board. I checked and he showed his straight. Yay, I didn't lose as much money as I could have! Yay, I priced him and the other passenger out with my post flop and turn bets, and they called. Boo. I lost again.

Enough whining. Poker is a numbers game. I had a miserable run, and bore the brunt of variance, but I didn't get stupid. I didn't make mistakes, other than opening my range of starting hands after getting frustrated (which is a pretty bad mistake that cost me a fair amount of limps), and I didn't make moves fearing it was only way to win pots, despite being tempted, only to discover they would have called no matter what.

Not sure where I'll be this week. Could be New Orleans. Could be AC. We'll see.


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