Tick Rogers-Wink Adams

When I was in college, me and a friend of mine told some local girls we met in a bar, we were in a band named Tick Rogers. Perhaps, inspired by the fact that Pearl Jam's original name was Mookie Blaylock, who Jeff Ament saw in his Tourney loss to Danny Manning and his Miracles in the 88 (?) finals, we devised this strategy over some shots. My friend also looked like Alexe Lalas, six foot seven ginger with a goat-tee to his chest. He was the personfication of a funk-ska-gararage-gheto-funk band that we became.

So we met some girls, told them we Tick Rogers, who played for Georgia (?), that year in the NCAAs and we were good to go. After the ask us for a copy of our CD, we went back to campus (where we were shacking up for the "night") and I said I go to the car to get it.

30 minutes later I comeback and annouce I couldn't find the car. Good times.

Anyway, this years candidate for Tick Rogers faux band name is Wink Adams a guard for UNLV.


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