On my last post it read like I was on Beer 30. I meant the time was beer 30. For anybody that thought I had expired from alcohol abuse your worries were premature. Unto matters of more importance...

Congratulations to Goondingy!

Went to his wedding on Saturday and enjoyed seeing the big man getting hitched. Jessica enjoyed meeting him and other poker names that have so far lacked faces. Fun day and we were happy to share it with him. If not for the terror on four legs that is my new puppy, Bella, we would have stayed longer.

Speaking of the puppy, I feel like I'm the one on the tether now. Can't leave the house for more than a couple of hours at a time. Trying to figure out how to get to the coast to play and it's just eating me up to not be able to take advantage of this opportunity. The Live NCAA blog took a break as we left to go to the Fox and the Hound to see all the games at once. 20 minutes after tipoffs that hadn't set the channels yet.

One waiter was rocking out to a video concert and so the rest of the bar was forced to endure Lifehouse or whatever he was subjecting us to on the big screens. Showing what a basketball town this isn't, we were the only ones concerned about it.

The waitress then gave us some brackets to fill out to join their contest. "Um yeah, the games started yesterday." After some beers and chicken drops we steamrolled through these worthless but at the time heated debates
1. The Mos are of the opinion Chris Paul is already better than Jason Kidd. I think they forget just how good Kidd was just a couple of years ago and though not a scorer, plenty of times, when needed he filled it up. Also, they underestimate just how hard it is to consistently get triple doubles.
2. I was of the opinion Appalachian State was a top 10 college football team in all divisions last year. I backed off of that and went with top 15-top 25. They informed me I was certifiable. Despite their win at Michigan, they are not as good as Michigan (which I found interesting considering just how hard it is to win at the big house). Big Mo also said everybody in the SEC would beat them. Ummm... no. Ole Miss, Miss State, Vandy... I don't think so. I think LSU, maybe Georgia, and... maybe Florida were the only ones better. Not Auburn, not Alabama, not South Carolina, not Arkansas, not Tennessee, and not Kentucky.
3. The third argument was so important I don't remember it. Just as I shouldn't the first two.

Anyway, I might try and watch the hoops games tonight at Harrahs and get some more live play in.


Anonymous said…
You are absolutely crazy about your App State arguement. And Ole Miss is prolly the only SEC school that would not beat them and that would be a good game
Anonymous said…
Name an SEC team and the team they beat on the road that equals App State's win at the Big House... How many teams did you come up with 5... 4... 3... 2... 1?

Look, I'm an SEC shill, I think the last few years there has been a clear dilenation between that conference and the rest of football, with only a few other national teams that could compete in the top of the league.

That being said... go back over the last five years for 3/4 of the conference and try and find a road win as big as ASU's... Not so easy. You can't just write that game off... because it's simply not done. If it was all the lesser SEC teams should have it on their resumes. Recall Michigan was what 3rd (or 5th or 8th?) team in the country at the time. What did they finish ranked? They also never lose at home unless it's Ohio State.

Now you can call the game a fluke, which would be wrong... Michigan simply couldn't stop ASU. They put up 40+ points at the Big House. A fluke is the favorite turns the ball over a lot, but the favorite also controlled possesion and only gave up a lucky touchdown or two, and the dog eke'd it out. ASU did no such thing. They beat them, and MU couldn't shake the hangover for two weeks.

ASU pummeled every team the played in their playoffs (the only relevant games in their division), PUMMELED, and before you dismiss the comp, that's including teams like Delaware and Richmond that recently beat or almost beat D1 teams at their place (including an SEC team).

There is one thing to recognize the brilliance of the SEC and there is another to be blinded by it. I think ASU would beaten handily several SEC teams. Unlike many around here, I'm a realist about the bottom of the league. Bama lost to a team ASU would have drilled near the end of the season. Bama like all of the lesser SEC teams could not have scored enough to stay in the game with ASU. Sorry it's true.

I hate to admit it as an Auburn fan, I'd think ASU would score too much for them, just as lowly South Florida did.

Now, recall Marshall, who the very next season after drilling their comp, moved up a division and right into the top 25 and stayed there for a couple of years. Was Ole Miss better than them too? Sorry, I'm not blindly loyal enough to the SEC to suggest the entire league was better than a top 25 team then or now. ASU is that good. They'd crush a conference like CUSA's or the Mountain West, and get a pretty good bowl bid. I guess Boise State was overrated when they were undefeated too.
Anonymous said…
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