Seth Davis' "upsets"

His upsets are a lot of 10s and 11s wining. In games that are esentially pick 'ems according to Vegas. Way to go out on a limb. The NCAA selection commitee seems to be intent on killing their own product. Anyway, Davis likes St. Joes (a one point dog), Davidson (a 1.5 favorite), and to give him a little credit he likes Siena too (which is actually a 6.5 dog to Vandy). Siena is a team I took in a few of my brackets. I don't know much about them other than they beat Stanford early and played well against a couple of other big teams. Word out my man in Albany new york is they are good.

This Davidson-Gonzaga game is up and down. Davidson played UNC, UCLA, and a couple of other big boys close in noncon but lost them all. I tend to think this means they can't get over the hump. Course that was the rap against Princeton until they beat defending National Champions UCLA 10 years ago. A couple of guards by the names of Mitch Henderson and Chris Mooney played in that game.


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