Harry Carey

When he used to call the Cubs game, his drunkeness was a part of the enjoyment of watching the Cubs lose. Pat Sumerall, a fellow drunk, at the end of his career lost it in the booth probably from alcohol induced dementia more so than the flask in his pocket. The latest announcer to lose it has been Verne Lundquist. His has been a slow downward slide. Misreading players and teams and plays, laughing way too hard--like that one guy at every party who's just a social cripple and bellows laughter--at lines that weren't jokes but he thought they were by his partner in the booth, and then just odd cryptique observations.

I just realized he's calling the TENN-American game. I'm waiting for him to confuse the F out of Raft as much as I am eager to hear Raft's "onions" call. My favorite Lunquist losing it remark was during an Auburn-Georgia football game where they showed a bunch of Auburn fans tailgating and one of them owned a bulldog and put it in an Auburn jersey. Cute, right. Of course Lunquist completely missed reread the entire scene. He says, "Oh, that Uga!" (the name of the bulldog mascot of Georgia), Oh, that UGA!" Har-har-har chortle, chortle, chortle.

It ws the funniest thing he had ever seen. Yet, it clearly was not the Georgia mascot and even if it was, not even close to being that funny. Putting on an Auburn jersey. Why is that funny?

Meantime UT has gone back up 10. I wonder if they get close to covering again if I'll start pulling for them, again. Ah, the fickle gambler.


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