I'm a donfish does it matter if my oponents are too?

I ask myself that after these hands... one online in my now stuttering zero bankroll to a million
attempt and one live today.

Online: People are folding to min-raises like they are real bets. I min-raise, and a guy pounds it to 20x. We all fold. He says, "I hate minraises." Oh really. I min-raise the very next hand with a smiley face. Everybody folds of course. I keep doing it, and dragging small spots with c-bets and just waiting for the chance to reshove on him. Under the gun I get AQ suited. Ahh... min raise. Next guy calls. Lots of callers, it's losing its usefulness. Guy on the button makes a big raise. Fold to me. I call (mistake number 1?), thinking we'll play heads up. Guy next to me goes all in for 1/3rd of my stack. Button calls. Huh? Huh?

Button barely has me covered. I reckon I have the best hand or a coinflip with one of them or maybe overcards to them both. I shove to isolate the guy to my left. Button must be weakish to not push. Button deliberates forever. Call. I'm all in, in threeway action with AQ. Okay...

Flop is 7JA. Okay, I might be ahead. Turn is a J. Hope KJ ain't in this hand. River is 7. Villian number one shows AJ for a full house. Villian number two shows pocket 7s for four of a kind. Now, I don't hate my play and I do question the rationale of the other two fools, but ultimately I got it all in with two opponents with AQ suited. Who cares how bad they are... better spots for me to make my move. In that personal challenge I don't have the bankroll to spare for arbitrary races. Course had 7s folded, I would have been delighted to know I was up against AJ. Still would have lost. "online poker is rigged :)."

In live MTT play today, I flop a set in a big multi-way pot. First to act bets. I call eyeing a guy in late position with a lot of chips who usually raises in this situation and has his chips ready to act. Call, call, guy kind of shakes his head and just calls (ARGHHH!), and it's called around. River is a Jack with an AK board. I bet, and a guy pushes on me leting me know he has his straight on the turn (Q10 introduced itself to the table) I know he's got it. I'm hoping for one of my 12 outs to hit and getting almost the 4 to 1 on my money. I also told myself I was going to try and accumulate chips early today, so I call and miss. That big pot gone... I find myself short.

After a flurry of hands, where I quickly build my stack without showing I look at AK suited. I raise from the button. BB who's been tight all day calls with a couple of others. Flop is 976. He leads out with a weak bet based on the pot size. Everybody folds. I decide to see another card and maybe push him off his hand. Turn is a 2. He throws another weak bet out. I contemplate pushing on him now. Maybe he's on a straight draw and he'd be forced to call (and instead of weak betting he's trying to keep it small unless he hits), so I tell myself to wait for the river. River is an 8. Another weak bet, each one only a little bit bigger than the last. It's screaming "Go away, let me have this little pot." I look down at my chips, those two calls ate into my short stack a bit.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see him frozen stiff and eyeballing me. He's got nothing, no straight, and not even top pair. I trust my gut. I ask him how much he has left, he's basically hiding his chips (WEAK), and he's got me pipped by like $200. F it. Trust my read I tell myself.

Over the top all in. He almost folds. Then starts what I think is face-saving posturing asking how much it is, I'm confident I'm going to win this hand when suddenly the table is aflutter with commentary, the dealer goes, "It doesn't matter you got him covered," Somebody says, "He's only got like $1600" (Off by $200), another guy talks to a guy next him at my side of the table but loud enough for the donkfish at the other end to hear, "he's got to call, he can't fold." Donkfish, under the advice of his team of advisors calls, and shows down K7 offsuit. Throwing his chips into the pot in defeat. And not wanting to show his hand.

Again, I'm not sure I should be calling him a donkfish. I wouldn't make that call. My move screamed I hit the straight. Maybe he had a read on me and made a hero call, more likely he was goaded into it. The dealer is normally a chip runner who jumps in when they are short and didn't know better to quell the talk or not sway the action. I leave a tad bit angry.

However, here I am pushing with air, calling with air, and grousing about losing with air. So what if their moves were bad, even though my reads were right my actions or stack size or table chatter, mandated calls. Just because you can put somebody on something and realize you'd fold in their situation doesn't necessarily mean pushing on them will have the correct result. Going to try and hit Boomtown tonight maybe.


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