Took a break from the games...

Playing with the new puppy and letting my girlfriend have the remote. She was watching "I should have died" on the discovery channel. This ahole from Australia or South Africa or somewhere else that has an accent that isn't quite British but still has the haughtiness in it. Anyway, this dude is 6 feet away from a croc so decides the best course of action is to rush it. Yes, he bumrushes the animal which not suprisingly bit the f out of him. He was in death roll.

As I got back, I realized I'm in a bit of a death roll. Gtown looks like they'll cover, Texas is well on their way to covering the daily double for Puss and Butler is treating South Alabama like the directional school they are. I hope TN comes out vs. Butler with as little passion as they had today. Butler will eat them alive.

If there has been one game these last two days with a less deserving victor it's TN. Even Puke or Dook, who I hate wanted it more when they played Belmont, at least they just got outplayed and scrapped away a win, TN was terrible. Behind the back passes, alley-oops, and a general lack of respect for American (which apparently they deserved). I guess that line was so light at 20 because the money knew TN would job like Hulk Hogan right before his last second leg drop victory.

Even worse... UCONN is down at the half. If they lose that game, Puss will be in mourning (like I will be when UNC loses) and not answering his phone. I have no idea how my 40 brackets are fairing. I'm pretty sure I'm not perfect in any.

Apparently picking games isn't the only projection I'm bad at, I'm surprised by the number of hits this live blog is getting. Didn't think anybody would be reading I guess I was wrong as they are a fair amount of you on here.


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