Our First Buzzer Beater

Western Kentucky goes Deee-eep for the win. But it's against Drake. So instead of Bryce Drew as a double digit seed smacking Ole Miss (?) upside the head it's vs. Drake a team nobody has heard of except for on Seinfeld and in filling out their bracket the first time. Had the commitee bracketed appropriately, that shot could have been against Clemson, or Notre Dame, or Michigan State--and just felt bigger.

Also, it's the first true buzzer beater in a while. I like the 10ths of seconds on a clock but ever since they added it, the whole nail a big shot and run off the court effect has subsided. Now, as in the Western Kentucky game, the only time you get that effect is if the clock expires while the ball is in the air. Otherwise, there will be 7 tenths of a second left for the other team to fumble an inbound pass and take the air out of the play a little bit.


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