Some other tidbits of knowledge to go opposite of..

The 4 team #1 seed parlay is 2-0. The Puss took Memphis today as his first game off the board. We also think UNC should be a 30 point victor over Mt. St. Marys. UNC has thrashed better teams this year by more, though the fear is they'll call off the dogs. We think Memphis makes a statement and coach Cal let's them pummel UTA a bit. I also fear UTA might try and run with them. Ugh.

17 is alot for Georgetown vs. UMBC. I'm thinking dog. The puss likes the favorite.

Miami limped into the NCAAs going 3-3 and somehow still getting a higher seed then Indiana. I like St. Mary's in a pick 'em.

It sucks when the upsets today may come at the hands of Gonzaga, Butler, and Drake. Those teams should be doing the upsetting not losing in the first round. Still, I think there is value in the Butler and Drake lines (4.5 and 4) because they aren't name brands. I'd take the favorites. Should be a compelling couple of games as W. Kentucky and USA are both athletic teams and offer an interesting matchup to those precision teams. In a similar contrast yesterday, Wisco seemed to handle Fullerton yesterday pretty easily, so don't be surprised if Drake and Butler do too.


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