Outtakes from Vegas VI...

Finally some Hands and some poker talk...

Made a stellar call, in the final three of a tournament, to cripple a guy and guarantee myself top 2 money. Flop was rags. Turn a brick. River a brick. I got AQ no pair. Guy bets every step of the way. My read tells me each time he doesn't have it. At the end, the bet is big enough to cripple one of us, but I can still survive if I fold. I think about it for 3 minutes and then decide to trust my gut. Dooschbag turns over a lowly 7-2 (no pair), I win. What a schmuck no need to bluff off almost all his chips there. Why did you call he asks me? I couldn't really answer, I just knew even with a board of rags he didn't connect and he didn't have much.

At another final table this asshole who works in the hotel club gets into a hand with this big teddy bear nice guy from Texas. Ahole raises, nice guy reraises, Ahole calls. Flop brings an Ace (I put ahole on KKs the way his face drops). He bets despite himself and then gets raised by nice guy. Ahole after some time correctly folds showing his kings. Nice guy is across from me, and I spy the Ace of spades fly into the muck but no one else does.

Ahole has a lot of chips. He wants to be reassured he made the correct laydown. I'm worried the nice guy won't turn the needle.
Ahole: Did you have it. Did you have an ace?
Nice guy smiles and shrugs. If I were the ahole I'd know he had it. Can't let that happen.
Me: I saw his cards.
Ahole: Did he have it?
I'm mute and give him a look trying to piss him off more. Now two of us weren't telling.
Ahole: He didn't bluff me again did he?
Me: He MIGHT have bluffed you again. Definitely might have bluffed you.
Ahole steams.

Sure enough with steam coming from his ears he pushes on the very next hand with like K8 and gets called and busted from the tournament. Just what I wanted. Doesn't pay to be a dooschbag.

I don't often get involved in other people's squabbles but I had to with this hand.
San Antonio jerk off raises from the button 3x. Girl in the BB calls. Flop comes 942.
She raises. He reraises her all in. She calls. He turns over pocket Ks. She A9. Turn is A, river 9.
She says politely, "I'm sorry."
He says, "No problem, but how can you make that call?" (He's rebuying AGAIN, so agitated). "Bad call."
Three things hit me immediately. One, she called his over the top all in when she was basically pot committed beat or not, she had to call his final bet. Two, she had top pair top kicker with a board that looked nonthreatening and his stack might make that move with any hand. He could have an overpair or he could be making that move with anything. Three, he's a dooschebag that's already told me San Antonio really deserves the Saints.
I take up for the girl, as her husband (who was also at the table*twice that tournament I faced husband and wife teams, in fact at three handed it was me and a couple) sat silient.
I paint San Antonio boy into a couple of logical corners. Finally, he relents and then claimed he was saying "Bad Call" about himself. The fact that he never called and that he had pocket Ks and made all the right plays but got unlucky wasn't even worth mentioning.

Another night, I also had two dealers at that the T.I. inform me when a player raises, then another reraises all-in but doesn't have enough to make a full raise, the Big Blind (who has not acted) can not reraise. The first time I said it was ludicrous but stayed out of it. The second time I was the big blind. I call the floor over and HE DEBATES the point with dealers. I informed them, they were confusing this with a guy who called the first bet, but the big blind always has any option available to him if he hasn't acted. After debate, and the floor finally agreeing with me that I could re-re-raise but the dealers not, I smile and decide not to reraise instead I just fold to piss off the dealers more because they were so in my face about the issue.

I believe the only way a player can just call and not raise is this situation. Player A raises, Player B calls, Player C goes all-in but not enough for a raise. Player A and Player B can only call.

If Player A limped under the gun, it would take a player not being able to double the blind all-in for A to not being able to reraise.


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bill you are a shit starter.
No he finishes it.

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