2 for 2... Thank you Sam's Club

First off, what a longwinded dipsmit I am. Read my previous post and in short it says: I'm so smart. I can read people great. My big hands held and I have a big head.

Well, poker can give you humility. Tonight, I ran bad. Poor starting hands all night and this time when my big hands didn't hit I played them like a lunchbox. So... basically it was a complete reverse... but on the bright side I still posted a profit.

However, my profit was so thin, if not for the discount gas at Sam's Club I might not have covered my drive to and from Harrahs. Still it was a profit and I'll mark it as such, primarily because at the last dealer shift all the money jumped up from my table. I followed them to the cashiers after riding the hump all evening and basically barely getting over even. The other games were full so I'm glad my experiment has some wiggle room for circumstances just like tonight.

Went up about 100 after sitting out two dealers, yeah I am patient, KQ in the blind with a table full of limpers. I bump to 15 two shorts stacks go all in, another guy calls and so do I. I hit my Q and win.

Then... nothing. Play no hands, literally zero for an hour and the other side of the table is talking about it. Limp in places and piss away $2 here on there or $5 calls with nothing.
Q4 o/s started looking good.

Finally, a black ace and another black ace. UTG. UGH! I'm worried a $15 raise might even get some good hands out, and I want some action. I hope my tight image will make my $7 bet look like something. It works I only get two callers, a guy in late position and the rock on the button.

Flop comes two clubs but somewhat nontextured. 579. I raise $15, get one fold, rock calls. Turn is 8. I can't figure out what the rock has. I bet $55. He doubles it after some thought. I look at the board blind as a bat, I got a bad feeling but I don't think he's got two pair. I call (?). River is a club. I check, he checks. He shows the straight.

The only bluffs I've seen him make all night is when his draws went busto on the river. So I call his reraise? Then when a club card hits the river, I could have moved the rest of my chips in as my dumbass call looks like I'm chasing the flush. Yet, for some reason I check. Granted I felt beaten on the turn and the river, so maybe he calls me and I lose all my chips. I think he has to call his straight to be profitably long run. Still, I think I might have got him off that hand. What's that make 3 mistakes on one hand? I deserve to get short stacked.

I go down to 80. Get blinded and timeraked smaller and smaller. Hands not hitting anything whether I play them or not.

Finally, I play an AQ well when the Q hits and come close to doubling up. Then back down to 60. Man, I grinded the f out shitty cards. Bought a couple of pots with my tight image, got lucky when a dude disguised his pocket KKs the whole way when my Q hit the flop. Again, scare cards on the turn and river save me.

Anyway, I finally get over my buy-in and plus some. Then the three rocks with all the money get up from the table and I say call it a night. Means I'll be back tomorrow.


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