Been in Florida

Sorry for the silence... been at the beach. Now, that I'm still not tan but rested, I'm throwing myself into the poker room full time this week so look for plenty of updates unless I'm just playing poker and sleeping. I have an "agreement" with my girlfriend that I have to play poker every single day until I post a loss. Hopefully that won't end on Day 1 and as this is open ended hopefully I'll make it through the week.

I'm interested to see how long this streak will go, for those interested here are the parameters. I can spend no more than two and a half rebuys in session. This is my standard limit anyway. However, I will not place any upper limits of when to leave as a winner. I normally do--barring unusual factors; the table is especially soft, a drunk or weak player shows up just as I'm about to leave, or I'm keyed in on a big stack etc. Should I chose to play in a tournament and not cash in it, I will have to win that money back in a cash game, in short I must post a profit in every session. I'm debating considering a profit as a minimum of $20 an hour or just leaving with more money then I showed up with. On weak nights I might want a little wiggle room on my profit minimum. Tourney buy-ins will be a part of the 2.5 rebuys I'm limiting myself to (also a deviation from my standards). Should a session go over midnight it will count for the previous day.

Wish me luck...


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