4 for 5

Played some morning poker. Came in 6th at Boomtown's tournament.

Some highlights: Limp with pocket 4s (late position, blinds are 200-400), 5 in the hand. Flop is J84 (two clubs). First guy bets 400, second guy calls, third guy raises to 1k, 4th guy calls. I push all in (4K more), first guy calls (I have him chipped), second guy calls (we both have him chipped), 3rd guy stews forever (he bumped it to 1k!) and folds what I think is a flush draw, 4th guy calls (we all have him outchipped). Turn them over: AJ o/s, KK, A4, and my set of 4s. Guy that folded was indeed on the flush draw. He would have hit it but I boated up. Would have been sweet to take him out too as I don't think I've ever busted 4 players at once. I don't know if I've ever busted three at once (not counting SNGs or online) as it is.

I also went through a stretch where I nailed every single flop only to get counterfeited. It was unreal. I thought not hitting a flop for an hour or so straight was bad enough but this streak was crazy. I flop a straight, flush draw hits. I flop a full house, better full house via runner-runner. Here was my good fortune, I played none of those hands because they were all poo-poo. Still, it was about 10 hands in a row, and a validation of not playing garbage.

Anyway, because of my cash, I took the night off despite the tables at Harrahs being super soft. I think I'll play tomorrow and hope to catch some drunk fans after the Arena Bowl. Played Mardi Gras day and though it wasn't as juicy as I thought it was (most of the idiots had already run out of money) my table had two seats that had a steady stream of $60 to $100 buy-ins. These guys were using their last vacation dollars to win back all they spent. So even though, none of them sat down with a huge stack, as a group they represented a huge bankroll and zero talent. The other 8 of us took turns busting these guys.

One quick anectdote from that day: kid sits down with $50 puts on his TV sunglasses. Doesn't play a hand for 15 minutes. Then on the button (folded around to him) he goes all in. The blinds fold. He exposes his pocket kings. We nod and tell him nice play. He won $3. He busted out about 10 minutes later pushing back with A5 o/s into AK preflop.

I hope tomorrow will bring more of the same.


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