Outtakes from Vegas V...

Met up with another friend of mine, who moved out to Vegas to become a poker pro. When we did we saw what appeared to be the filming of a porno at the Harrahs outdoor carnival bar. We saw the "plot" part guys so settle down. Anyway, this 4 or 5 attractive, but porn star attractive so not, raided the bar and started grinding with people in the audience as a dude filmed them. After molesting two old black guys, one of which had a cane, they started heading our way. I gave them the look of death, I'm not being in any part of a porno movie. All the while an old guy named Cook E. Jar sang along to 50 cent, bobby brown, and every hip hop artist. He was 57, white, and fat. Surreal. Yet, so surreal, with the security guys taking pictures with the porn stars, and a guy sporting the Ronaldo triangle cut and a Soul Train circa 1984 suit getting down even when the music stopped, and women of all ages baring their breasts it is a stop you should make in Vegas. Great free entertainment.

Later that day, I saw Chris Moneymaker, looking like he got run over by a train, leaving the tiny T.I. poker room sheepishly. So at least my friend had the company of a world champion in getting unlucky there.



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