Dear Readership

I travel to the capital of sin tomorrow. Here is my plan. Get off my flight at 9:30 am. Rush to the rio. Buy in to the main event satellite. Win seat to main event. Meet up with Shiznoats get some time in the hotel poker room for the discount rate.

I had a friend of a friend tell me a rehab story. His first 12 step meeting he started off by saying, "I'm XXX, I'm here because I partied like a rock star." All eyes went to somebody else in the circle. He followed them and settled on a gentleman that had superstar presence. Immediately, the guy started making weird musical noises. Then the guy goes, "No... You didn't party like a rock star I used to party like a rock star!"

My friend of a friend lived outside of boston and it only took him 30 seconds to learn that steven tyler was a dipshit.

What's my point? I'd say I'd party like a rock star while out in Vegas, but truly I wouldn't party like a rock star because Steven Tyler has a "trademark" on that. Anyway, I'm stoked about Vegas and hope to add some updates here. Another blogger might also post while I'm out there. I'm hoping he'll keep you updated as I crush the Main Event.

Til then, nuts to you.


Bad Beet said…
Steven Tyler is a cool dude . We use to party
C.S. said…
That's funny bad beet because I used to toss you.

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