Didn't chop it. Played a little bar game, GeneD and my friend Joe also played. Felt bad because I knocked Joe out in 4th (pay three). I don't collude but in those circumstances I'll only bet my friends if I hit my hand. I put him all in on the turn when I hit my aces and he called. I thought he'd know to fold. Anyway, I took 2nd. Here's the hand that knocked me out.

Drunk guy I was playing against was playing well heads up. He was very aggressive. Usually I like to steamroll my opponents with reraises and pummel their inexperience heads up. The fact that I've maintained a tight aggressive image all night means when I shift gears it's usually too late before they catch on. However, he was the aggressor and coming back at me. I truly think this guy was getting a good run of cards and my instincts told me he had the goods when he was pushing and I had to make laydowns with no connections on my flop.

At some point he's getting close to 2-1. He offered a chop and as I considered it he realized his chip lead and backed off it sensing my hesistation. For some reason I didn't want it, maybe it was the meager stakes or the fact that I thought the blinds were small enough for me to bide my time and beat him.

He's on the small blind. He fires out a raise I look at K-6 suited. He's raised 4 consective hands from this position. K-6 is not a great holding but I call hoping to hit my 6. I'm still giving him credit at least for a weak ace. Flop goes A102. I'm four to a flush. Let's see where I'm at. I bet, he raises. Oops. I'm putting him on that ace. I'm priced in to my draw so I have to call.

Turn is a 6. Brings me possibilities. I don't see the value of anothe bet after his raise. I check. He goes all in. I got the nut flush draw and what I believe are 3 kings and 2 6s to win the hand. I stall and he starts talking. I realize he's got at least a strong ace. I know I'm beat but my remaining chips are almost mandating a call. I got what I think is a 33% chance and I'm getting more than 3 to 1 on my money. Plus, I'm not left with too much if I fold.

I call. He shows AQ and obviously I don't get one of my outs. However, as I mull that hand over I think I was compelled to make each of my calls BUT I could have just trashed those cards and waited for a better spot because I know I'm a better player. I got sucked into calls that maybe I shouldn't had been involved in.

Looking for some advice here, in that situation do you just wait the guy out or do you chase if he's pricing you in? More to the point, if you realize long run you'll beat your opponent... should you avoid hands that you sense he's got the advantage on you even if you are priced in before you get pot committed?


Vanessa Selbst said…
K6 suited is a great hand. You should have pushed preflop and maybe you could have gotten him off that hand. Maybe you couldn't because it was AQ so maybe you shouldn't have. More important when are you going to be at the world series? I'm leaving the fourth and staying throughout the Main Event.
GeneD said…
How about the hand that crippled me. Im on the button with J-10 suited in spades. We are 6 handed. I raise pre-flop, and drunk lunchbox calls. Flop comes Jc4s8d. Lunchbox checks, I bet and he calls. Turn 2s. Lunchbox check raises me with a jam all-in. I call...he shows A-Ko...Ace on the river. AAhhh yes...then the celebration ensued. ;-)
Bad Beet said…
Lunchbox?? are you fukers high?
My favorite lunchbox is jabberjaw
Haterade said…
im not convinced that you were a better player than that drunk guy.

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