Outtakes from Vegas part I

I went with my friend who may do some blogging for GCP. Unfortunately, it took him some time to get used to live action play and when he did he started a horrible run of luck. On his last day, his win it all back day he sat down for a cash game in our hotel...

With the mandate to play tighter than a drum, he did... only to lose set to higher set, lost flush to higher flush, and full house to full house. Not only that, this absolute jackass who took both of us for a couple hundred our first night there, by shear dumb play, played in the Main Event and was in the top 5% after the first day. He also stopped by my buddy's table just to (rub it in, gloat, brag) let us know.

Other than that, I think the trip is always judged partly by the distractions. As my bud said the pool at the T.I. was a great one. He thinks part of their payment package for the waitresses is a trip to plastic surgeon for knockers overflowing is an apt adjective so to uncontainable.


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