3 for 4

Back on track. Hit Harrahs hoping to play with the Arena bowl crowd and sat down to a table that was crazy. Then huge (drunk) stack who sucked out on two big hands walks away. Couple of other bleeders departed and I was left to battle with 7 or so regulars. It was a long, long battle.

Got up and stayed there and played rocky the rest of the night. Kept going up and down with decent hands. When I finally got my good stretch of cards it wasn't good.... I got AA, was trapping a kid who has bet into me with nothing in the past, he hits his queen on the turn and I finally get some play. The river is another Queen and he thankfully only bets 20. I call knowing I was beat but hoping he was betting the King from the flop. No he had a weak queen. He had the chips to double me up and has made big losing calls in the past so that two outer stung a bit.

Very next hand AK suited turns up empty.

Then very next hand KK. Board is Q85 two hearts. Turn is the A. River is the queen of hearts. Man was I pissed. A different Kid checks to me. I thankfully win. Had I not I was pretty much on tilt and was about to walk to away for the night.

Instead I grinded.

At the end of the evening right at the dealer shift, I got qq and finally got a set (top one). Bet and called. Turn I check he bets, I raise (couple of flush draws and a straight draw). River is the straight. I fire he folds. Think the card hurt me. I was getting play he might have had a big pocket pair too.

Also, played with a gentleman who may be a reader of the blogs. I rated him as the best player at the table and we pretty much steered clear of one another. He won some big pots and I was envious. Anyway, at the end of the night he gets up and shakes only my hand and says, "Pleasure to play with you Bill." I hadn't introduced myself to anyone. Most reasonable explanation is I'm completely forgetting playing with him before but if not sir, and you are a reader, I learned a lot by watching you. I also enjoyed your "Ship it!" when you won that huge pot.


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