4 out of 6

I am a donkey.

Played on a very loose aggressive table with a guy raising preflop usually 25 sometimes 15. Everybody calling. My buy in looked feeble next to their stacks. Priced in on draws all night. His continuation bet would usually be 25 with pots already at 125-150 and my open ended straight draw or nut flush draws out there. By the time it'd get to me in position 2 out of 3, or 3 out of 3 would call putting it between 175-225 on a 3-1 shot. Then he'd keep pricing us in with tiny raises on the turn. Needless to say they didn't hit or I wouldn't be calling myself a donkey. Still, those early misses told me what kind of night it was going to be.

I get it in later with two pair and a guy catches an Ace on the river for a higher two pair (A4s). Rebuy. Things go alright. In early positon with KK (limp), out of control raiser limps this time (1 out of 10 times he limps) and his buddies almost out of control raisers also limp. Okay, 6 in I have to fold to an Ace. What do I see, music to my eyes, K28 rainbow. Check... Checked around. Turn is K. Check... Checked around. River is a 10. (Somebody have a 10). I bet minimal. Fold-0. That's right quad kings and I get $10.

I get jacks in early position. I limp. Bingo my raiser, raises, two calls in the blinds. I push for 1/4 of my new stack over the top. Raiser folds. Two blinds call. Flop is 647 two spades. I got the Jack of spades. All in. One caller. He's got two spades the 5 and the 2 (nice preflop call). I'm the dog but I win. Get my stack back up to cover my rebuys plus half a unit. Game has been so weird I'm content to leave with a small profit after the rough start and good comeback.

Maybe five minutes to the new dealer, and I got to get up early tomorrow.... What's next? Like Jessica Simpson at a Mensa convention I star in donkfest 2007.

A10 suited clubs on the button. Early positon makes it 12, call, call. Raiser makes it 25, call, call, I call. Other three pop in their 13 more and we are 7 to the flop (Pot at 175). At first I think I flop it, 7 club, J SPADE, 4 club. Check to raiser, he pushes to 50. Two calls. (Pot at 325). Getting over 6 to 1 on my flush draw, I call. Turn is a red Jack. He pushes out 115. (Pot at 490). I mull it over, knowing I'm going to fold I'm getting 4 to 1 but let's say he'll make a crying call of 100 (seen him do that) if I hit so at most 5 to 1, I still have to lay it down, long run it's a losing play and then he starts talking.

"I know you got that flush draw fold it, it's too much." I'm about to fold, but for some reason my emotions don't let me. Nobody likes being put on a hand, and perhaps my typicall dislike of reckless raisers starts weighing on me too (must say the guy was effective). I start stewing, I hear weakness in his voice. Does he just have a 7 (anything is possible with this guy). Are my Aces and 10s outs too? 15 outs out there? This is a pretty big pot. Let's say I'm 30%, I'm still priced in IF my Aces and 10s are live and he's at say K7 suited (not clubs) or 78 suited (not clubs) or whatever. Or a little bit less if he's suited with clubs too. Even if he's A7 suited, I lose an out but I still win if the other Aces hit because of my 10. Also, I can't rule out he's got second nut flush draw.

Mmmm. He keeps talking I feel he wants to talk me out of the hand. I sit there and knowing I should fold, I start thinking about the last two big hands he just had, he pushed with nothing and got called. He's steaming a bit. STILL I KNOW I SHOULD FOLD, but then I say go for the gusto, maybe I got some fold equity too and the price is right. BONE HEAD MISTAKE NUMBER 2 at Donkfest 2007... At the spur of a moment, I go from thinking fold to pushing, I say "All-in." Mistake NUMBER 3 about as weakly as one could say it, all in chirps out, feeling like I was putting my foot in a bear trap. Then I fumble my chips (great sign of strength). He waits a beat or two and then calls. I know he ain't got the nuts but that's small consolation. He doesn't show his hand, I don't want to reveal mine because he nailed me and my draw.

River is an 8 (spade for fun). I say "you got it," he's scared to turn over his cards, he shows KJ and I guess thinking i'd slowroll him (I wouldn't) he asks meekly "You don't got Ace Jack do you?" I muck and leave.

Let's review my mistakes, and as Goondingy pointed out, him talking was a little bit of weakness but it was rightful fear of the flush draw and that's it. He didn't want to get sucked out and wanted that 500 pot right then. HAVE TO GIVE HIM CREDIT for the Jack. No two ways about it. I let him talk and make me go against my initial gut (AND OBVIOUS) read of fold. Then in mulling over outs, that weren't there, I push hoping to add fold equity that also wasn't there. If I am going to make the mistake and pour money into the pot, at least make the smaller mistake and just call. It's still a mistake but I easily can let go at the river and walk away with some cash OR stay at that soft table where I got reads on fellas that will do all the raising for my made hands (unless I got quad kings).

Biggest Donk move I've had in 4 months. It still stings. Just pointless.


C.S. said…
BTW, I don't think I give appropriate enough credit to my advesary. He played loose aggressive and was able to take down some huge pots like the one I was involved in. People didn't give him credit when he had hands and he maximized his profit. He certainly outplayed me. That was just as important as me being an idiot. So good job nameless dude.

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