Your Video Did Really Suck, Clint, By the Way

That's what Annie Duke said to Clint Black in the opening of the show. She starts the episode off with a bang and you know she's not pulling her punches.
Welcome back to the Not Quite Weekly Even Though It's a Weekly TV Show Celebrity Apprentice Annie Duke the Face of Poker Wrap-up, Annie later says "In poker it's very interesting, you have people who play to last and people who play to win." This was quickly challenged by Ivanka who points out that Duke clearly thought her strategy has been to avoid being a project manager and not really put her head on the chopping block. Yes, Ivanka (as pictured) was cracking the whip a little bit.
The truth is Duke has been doing just that, but the comparison to tournament poker strategy continues. Perhaps, you could analogize it as in the early levels of tournament play, there's no need to go broke, and it's only later that you should take great risks for great rewards. Annie, certainly regained center stage on the show, she constantly covered her ass, took small pot shots at every decision made and every decision not made, and played the game.
While poker players might appreciate her clear individual strategy to surviving, and winning, Celebrity Apprentice a casual fan is probably still regarding her as an Omarosa part II. Trying to not be a target on the show is ironically making her a large one to the viewers. Not only the viewers but also Joan Rivers.
When Annie refused to defend Melissa Rivers in the board room, with Joan Rivers watching, Joan went nuts. She called Duke a snake, two faced, liar and manipulator. "She would spit on the ground and drown her mother in it if it got her one step further in life" and"She bluffs, she lies cause that's what you do in poker. She's not an honorable person."
Dishonorable Annie and Joan have a mini-confrontation and though they left smiling there was still venom at hand. Sure enough both end up as project managers on rival teams. Teased for next week is Natalie Gulbis trying to wrangle some of Annie's rivals to raise some money for her team. Clever strategy. The name Phil Hellmuth gets bandied about. Course they both work for the same company Ultimate Bet so despite their rivalry it's probably most accurately described as friendly. We'll see next week though. Oh yeah, while smearing Annie and poker, Joan who is very middle America friendly see her tremeduous business on QVC remarked, that's a good idea "Minds that run in the gutter together think a like."
Yes, poker players are gutter-dogs, dishonorable snakes, liars and ne'er do wells. You could say there are better lights for the game to be portrayed in. Eric Lindgren would probably be a good choice next go round or the impish Negreanu.


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