Rivers Delivers

Wow, what a fiasco. Joan Rivers rips poker players a new one. Check out the 2:31 mark.

Annie Duke doesn't a "AWESOME" job of defending herself and the community.

Some other highlights. Rivers said "Duke is a size six. She wears six garments. 6-6-6." Brandi Roderick tried to conjugate forego and got foregoo-ed. That's goo. Not gone. Goo.

By the way, this show delivers. I can't believe they ever considered having an Apprentice without Celebrities. The egos these people clash into one another like bumper cars makes for TV that is like the groin shot section of America's Funniest Videos for male watchers. It's like a pained, I can't stop watching compulsion. It's funny and at the same time terrible.

Let's see in the latest episode there were exactly zero people to root for. Maybe David Lee. Jim Cramer was a guest host and fresh off of caving in like a West Virginia mine on the Daily Show he attacked Brandi Roderick for being spineless. When she showed the tiniest bit of emotion, he looked overwhelmed and no longer wanted to fire her.

Ivanka Trump folded to Brandi's superficial compliment that she could understand what it's like to be beautiful in a joking manner. Reality is... she wasn't joking. Trump makes no pretense that he uses a set rationale for firing people and didn't this time either. So no hero there.

Clint Black isn't liked by anybody, and though he doesn't seem like that much of an ahole he must be for everybody to loathe him. Jesse James normally the everyman acted like a 5 year old when his idea wasn't used and just taunted his teammate for at the 11th hour for his impending knock-out (which didn't happen).

Joan and Melissa Rivers went bat-shit crazy as seen above. They did get one thing right and that's Brandi Roderick being a pawn to Annie's plan. The odd thing is Brandi seems just fine with being said pawn. So, can't root for a lackey. That leaves nobody.

Well, maybe David Lee. And Trump's secretary they seemed moderately likable.

Oh yeah, Pokerati has a good point, Rivers ire at poker players seems like a woman scorned. 40 years ago? Did Doyle Brunson have a role in that? Hmmm... Makes sense. Wonder if he taught her anything useful like texas hold'em rules before he dumped her?



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