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Played in the weekly at Harrahs. Survived half the field only playing a hand or two. Flopped a flush and got 80% of my chips to double up. Guy who flopped a set of Jacks bet into me after I checked. I called. The turn was a brick. I checked raised. On the river I bet most of my remaining stack and he called. When he showed the set I thought I lost some value on the hand.

Played with Alex T. when I got moved. I decided to try and take down some blinds or play somebody heads up with A9 suited from late middle position. Alex had about three times my bet and shoved.

He almost talked me into the hand. He said, "It's the best hand I've had all day." I decided to fold, I'd pick my fights with any of the weak spots on the table and I didn't really want to bust him. I remember a guy who I had played with a couple of days in a row in Tunica had a ton of chips and he asked me if I wanted him to double me up. I think I made two pair on a flop that was draw heavy. I didn't reply.

He called and actually went runner-runner for a high two pair. He tried to buddy up to me afterwards as though he made the play for my sake. If I knock out anybody it's for my sake. If they have the nuts on the river and I think they do, I'm not going to call. If he did it on the river with no cards to come, maybe. Poker ain't a team sport.

That being said, while I might have called other players with A9 suited, Alex's range is a little tighter. Could be dominated by A10. And I didn't need to pick on him. No, good deed goes unpunished.

Later, and for the fourth time that day, I get 3 better all in by somebody else. Perhaps, inspired by me folding to Alex he got his dander up. This guy to me looked agitated last time I bet big taking his other limps on my big blind and I kind of anticipated a shove if I raised him. I had a vulnerable AQ which I knew was probably the best hand. At this point, though I probably should have shoved.

I raised and he insta-shoved with the speed of a bluff. I called and he turned over KJ. Turn was a King and that was all she wrote. At the time I thought I played pretty well, but in retrospect, I had played to fast preflop and not well enough post-flop. Running good there, I take chances early, and try to capitalize on mistakes after the flop. I did the first part but not the second.

Read a crazy, crazy article on ESPN: http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=4084962 about a guy, Lenny Dykstra that used to be one of my favorite baseball players. I recall watching an HBO Sports show touting his skills as an investmest banker, but also suggested there was more to it than meets the eye. Especially, as Lenny in his interview came off any thing but... what he portrayed himself to be.

Guess what... looks like he's as crooked and maybe as dumb as the come. The only ones dumber are the people that keep signing up to do deals with the guy.

Saw the high-stakes poker update, and read a review here. It mentions some other prop bets I hadn't hear about because Antonio Esfandiari won a grand for doing 35 pushups on the show.

Shannon Shorr is still alive in the WPT. Pulling for the guy to get it done. Will be following that action pretty hard.

Michael Phelps is changing his stroke. He's also dumping his Vegas cocktail waitress to date Mrs. California. No word yet if he's still hanging out with online poker players and taking bong hits, or if bong hits inspired his stroke change.



I actually read that same Lenny Dykstra article yesterday too. It's impressive how delusional he is.

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