Email gene d or I your shirt size. Our snail's pace in getting our swag made up has been helped considerably by a lot of talented people. We hope to have gear for the New Orleans event. Also, indicate your preference for hat color, sweatshirt color and or t-shirt color. Believe we are looking at red, black, dark grey.

Haven't placed an order or finalized anything yet, and not sure what exactly we are getting depending on costs, but let us know what you are interested in and we'll try to get that thing made.

Thanks guys and gals.



Reid said…
"Email Gene D or me..."

Sorry for being a grammar nit.

And yes, I need a 'small.'
C.S. said…
Why should I email you?

Oh... nevermind.

Grammar nit is cool, though if you were truly a nit I'd think you'd take me to task a long time ago.

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